The scarf

Have I mentioned I am a collector? I happen to collect.. .everything, which as people like to point out to me is a euphemism for never throwing out anything and living in a mess of my hundreds of garments and accessories - I hope some of you can sympathise! The bad thing about this is that I often forget what I have and end up purchasing something that turns out to be similar to something I already had. The good thing is that as trends come and go, I sometimes "re-discover" things I had entirely forgotten about and I get immensely happy, as if I just bought them. This is pretty much what happened when I realised I had 4 boxes containing scarves which I had yet to open this winter, one of them just for silk square scarves from a million years ago. I got quite amused at how these little things could give new life to an entire outfit and decided to set them free. Here's a simple three-step guide to making use of your long-forgotten headscarves: 
1. Retrieve them from wherever it is you buried them.
2. Do not consider wearing them on your head, not even for a second.
3. Try to tie them around your neck, either leaving both ends hanging in the front or tie a knot on your neck cowboy style like I've done here. 

There's an optional step 4 - let me know if that was as refreshing for you as it was for me ;) 

Thanks for reading

Outfit details:
Theory leather jacket (similar here and here)
Alexander Wang skirt (similar here)
Chanel bag
Christian Dior sunglasses (other colours here and here)
Esprit headscarf
Marvgem Jewellery band ring (left hand), Luxury Elements rings (right hand)


  1. Love the colour of the jacket and that bag is gorgeous

  2. i like your bag

  3. nice beautiful and sexy..
    hair and legs looks pretty..

  4. Love your bag and your hair !!!

    Novembre Beaute

  5. Absolutely amazing! I love leather for winter !

  6. I don't collect too much, but I know what mean about discover an old item which happened to be back in fashion :)


  7. Gorgeous look! I love that purple jacket on you!
    -Alex of

  8. The entire look is amazing on you, love the color of the leather coat !


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