I see butterflies

I see butterflies. And they happen to be black and white as are most of my favourite recent (and, rest assured, future) looks. There's something about the way I am magically drawn to monochrome hues and stripes and leather and textile combination garments (don't be surprised if I get back to all of the above in coming posts!) This trend first hit the SS13 shows and is continuing on, so I'd say opt for mono pieces which will help you put together classy outfits. What I would like to stress here, though, is the importance of accessorising (sufficiently not excessively) in order to give a neat and classy mono look enough of an edge. Shades and a statement necklace usually do it for me, and if you feel like investing these days, the answer is Gianvito Rossi

And right about when I thought I knew my hometown in and out, it turns out I had rather falsely eliminated my chances of randomly bumping into a mini jungle. What do you know. 


I LOVE a good pair of sunglasses (good translating into any adjective crossing your mind - from retro to electric). Every pair of shades I own is special to me in some way and different from the next, so that they remind me of the style chameleon I always hoped to be. A pair of shades is the finishing touch of every memorable outfit - add to it some attitude and you're set!    

Thanks for reading!


Candy colours and heels enhanced with little balls of fur. As far as I'm concerned that has to be the definition of an outfit capable of making your day. Yes, winter is here but the colour white is not likely to leave me anytime soon; I've been stocking up on white footwear and outerwear as much as ever. And while I knew Fleur du Mal to offer impeccable lingerie (you should know that if you are based in the States), I only recently realised its RTW collection is just as good (case in point). Now, I can't quite decide which is more of an eye candy:  a pair of soft and puffy heels or a multi pastel tone Chanel bag (you can be the judge of that), but I do know that all the sweet references in this post are giving me a sugar rush! Have a good weekend!

Tinos island for a day

Last weekend I found myself on the Greek island of Tinos for 12 hours. Having been there a few times already I knew it would offer a good many settings for photos and since I don't do casual looks so often lately, I figured it would be a good opportunity for one. Seeing as I travelled back and forth on the same day I necessarily had to go for a comfortable ensemble,  jean-sweater-booties usually does it for this time of the year!   

Life in Mono

I was ecstatic when asked to supply the jewellery for an anniversary haute couture fashion show taking place in Athens last week and even though I spent most of the time backstage, styling the models in earrings and necklaces from my jewellery line, Marvgem Jewellery, and hardly even saw any of it, I wouldn't trade a minute of backstage action! For the show I chose a black and white look, comprised of a backless shirt, bold striped pants from Storydrops, Charlotte Olympia pumps and of course my personal favourite Marvgem moonstone earrings!    


After a couple legging-ridden winters, having tried sequins, waxed effect, faux and real leather, metallics, geometrical and other patterns, I thought it was high time I expanded to other solar systems with my new galaxy printed leggings. I matched them with a mesh detail jumper, purple Balenciaga clutch and the much cherished MMM for H&M booties from the last collaboration.  Surpassing my brother's remark that in this outfit I remind him of one renowned macbook wallpaper, what do you guys think?

The skirt

There's nothing better than an eye-catching skirt to make an outfit pop, without turning it too formal. This was my outfit for the blogger educational dinner held last week on the occasion of World Contraception Day (26 September), a worldwide campaign with a mission to improve awareness of contraception and help young people make informed choices. You can find a lot of useful information on the cause and campaign on the official website here!

Folegandros island photo diary

Folegandros has moved up in my list of favourite Greek islands for its simplicity, authenticity and breathtaking views, which I've tried to bring across to you with this mini diary. This was my final and most relaxing excursion of the summer and I'm finally recharged and positively ready to dust off my wellies (oh how much I've missed you).
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