A day at Luxury Elements

You guys know how addicted I am to jewellery; chic, ethnic, glamorous, punk, you name it! As a person long dedicated to stacking up dozens of jewellery boxes with bling acquisitions from across the globe I was ecstatic at the opportunity to shoot at and put together a review for Luxury Elements, concept jewellery store in the centre of Athens. As you might remember from a brief introduction I made a few weeks ago, Luxury Elements offers a variety of impressive and stylish jewellery made of precious gemstones at very affordable prices and a number of services, from private shopping to international shipping upon request. I spent a few hours in the store last weekend trying on different styles. In this post you will find some of my personal favourites, however, the extent of available choices was truly impossible to capture! Visit their facebook page for more info!

Ho Ho
Since Christmas is around the corner and everyone deserves a little preferential treatment this time of year, all readers who like the facebook page of Luxury Elements will receive a 15% discount on their Christmas shopping! Happy holidays people! 

 Thanks for reading!

Outfit details:


  1. Very beautiful necklaces! I like the simple chic models which make a subtle statement, rather than the huge big pieces :)

    Bloggers World Project

  2. The jewellery look really pretty! I love the earring in the 3rd picture!!

    Defining Me

  3. lovely jewelry I love your hairstyle ;)

  4. Nice post and photos! Love the last necklace!


  5. Oh my gosh! This is so elegant. You look stunning! You hair color is perfect for this outfit.


  6. ALL of those pieces are marvellous. Great taste!

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