Oh Boy

It's not the first time you're seeing the Chanel Boy here on the blog, but this is more of a tribute to it than my other post was. Needless to say Chanel Boy and Hula (again here and here) hold a special place in my heart this season, the ones I have being in white and yellow means they go with every summer outfit I come up with. Thinking back to a discussion I had with some Italian fellows last week, they were trying to convince me that Chanel is classic but never changing, meaning they lose their old customers after a while. Up until a few years back I would have had to agree. Sure you will never let go of your 2.55, but how many can you have? Recent years have proven us all wrong though. It's no longer the fact that Chanel classics will always be just that - classics-, but the new-found ease with which they manage to come up with new favs every year, the reason why Chanel will always be the one and only timeless brand. Lego, as tiny and impractical as you seem to be, I've got my eyes on you...   

Thanks for reading!

Outfit details:
Chanel Boy bag
Zara heels
Pink Soda boutique dress
Tiffany&co charms


  1. Love that dress, such a pretty color on you!

  2. great look , lovely dress and bag is pure perfection :)

  3. oh that bag, you're a lucky girl!!


  4. e gusta !!
    el verde del vestido es uno de mis colores preferidos

  5. I'm loving this outfit. The dress is perfection! :)

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  6. The outfit is amaaaaazing! and THAT BAG!!! JEFBWURBFUR PERFECTION

    Also the photography is phenomenal, you have an awesome fashion blog!
    The Blushing Giraffe | A New Uk Beauty Blog

  7. A nice look, the heels I liked a lot


  8. in love with the shoes and bag! :)


  9. I love this dress and the shoes. Amazing! :)


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