Mono checkers at st James's park

Thanks to the abundance of green and old buildings in London I never run out of nice surroundings for my blog photos when in town. What has always been truly scarce, even in the summer, is acceptable temperature levels. That is, until the warmest July in british history. Taking advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I spent almost every single free minute I had during my week there spacing out in overcrowded parks. No need for me to go once again over the necessity of sporting the checkers this season (extra points for mono)-if you haven't come around it yet do so before we go back to sweaters! 

Thanks for reading!

Outfit details:
D&G gladiator heels
Emporio Armani frameless sunglasses


  1. You're back in London!? How long are you staying!? I'm back on Saturday!


  2. This is love at first sight with your bag! I also love how you repeated the roundness of the bag with your glasses!

  3. Wow, such pretty pictures!


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