Playing around with my Diana F+ had been on my checklist for quite some time. I'd always been appreciative of photography and its many forms and possibilities, but lomography is pretty much another universe. None of the photos in this post where taken with the Diana but I promise to try and enrich my portfolio and get back to you with some nice lomo shots!


As much as I appreciate the freedom of a bikini, I've been addicted to intriguing (mostly cut-out) one piece swimsuits this summer (as you already know). Truth is they look much more elegant but just as sexy as most bikinis and you don't run the risk of forgetting to pack either top or bottom before you leave on vacation (something I constantly do!). This is one of my current favourites from Sugarfree - the cut-out pattern kinda reminds me of shark teeth!  

Oh Boy

It's not the first time you're seeing the Chanel Boy here on the blog, but this is more of a tribute to it than my other post was. Needless to say Chanel Boy and Hula (again here and here) hold a special place in my heart this season, the ones I have being in white and yellow means they go with every summer outfit I come up with. Thinking back to a discussion I had with some Italian fellows last week, they were trying to convince me that Chanel is classic but never changing, meaning they lose their old customers after a while. Up until a few years back I would have had to agree. Sure you will never let go of your 2.55, but how many can you have? Recent years have proven us all wrong though. It's no longer the fact that Chanel classics will always be just that - classics-, but the new-found ease with which they manage to come up with new favs every year, the reason why Chanel will always be the one and only timeless brand. Lego, as tiny and impractical as you seem to be, I've got my eyes on you...   

Mono checkers at st James's park

Thanks to the abundance of green and old buildings in London I never run out of nice surroundings for my blog photos when in town. What has always been truly scarce, even in the summer, is acceptable temperature levels. That is, until the warmest July in british history. Taking advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I spent almost every single free minute I had during my week there spacing out in overcrowded parks. No need for me to go once again over the necessity of sporting the checkers this season (extra points for mono)-if you haven't come around it yet do so before we go back to sweaters! 

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