Kea island Vol. II

I love anything cutout, especially when you can swim in it. I'm always on the lookout for cool onepiece swimsuits with cutout details and Asos always has a wide selection so I totally recommend browsing through their collections before summer ends! 

Kea island Vol. I

What I love the most about Greece is its never-ending reserve of little islands, cute private beaches, sunny days and all things summer. Kea (Tzia) is one of those islands that are really close to Athens but are practically a different world and thus offer a great getaway if you only have a couple days to spare. The photos were taken around Sykamia beach and Aigis Suites - stay tuned for vol. II!  


Floral is the most spring/summer appropriate pattern and also the most cheerful one! Recently I discovered my wardrobe's severe lack of adequate floral statement pieces and set out to find something that would go nicely with white, black and well.. everything in between. Enter Etro and these semi-baggy floral pants, still available on Farfetch at a nice discount.  

Festival Essentials for Summer 2013

The Festival season is upon us, I for one thing am going to the Electric Daisy Carnival in London next weekend and literally can't tell you how excited I am!

When planning a festival trip it is important to pack light but bring items that are versatile and comfortable and of course, stylish. Coachella kicks off the festivals each year in California and is where we get a sneak glimpse of the festival fashion for the year. This year there were a lot of sunglasses, sandals, shorts and ankle boots and we see the same style throughout the summer at the UK’s Music Festivals. Taking some guidance from Coachella, here is a list of the top 10 fashion essentials for 2013 festival fashion. 

1: The Hat
We don’t get too much sunshine here in the UK but if the sun does make an appearance it is important to be prepared. A cool trilby or cowboy hat looks great and protects your head from the sun’s rays. The lack of showers at festivals plays havoc with your hair so it’s also nice to have the ability to cover it up and still look great.

2: Sunnies
A cool pair of shades can be paired with any outfit to bring some style. Sunglasses help hide the damage from the night before and shade your precious eyes from the glare of the sun before you have had time for your morning caffeine hit.

3: Flat Sandals
It's a great thing flat sandals are in fashion because they are one of the most versatile footwear items around. Sandals can be paired up with any cute dress, jeans, shorts or skirt and allow you to stay on your feet all day and all night.

4: Cross-body bag
The wrong handbag can have detrimental effects on your mood at a festival; imagine the awkwardness pushing your way through a crowd with an oversized shoulder bag. A cute cross-over bag is perfect for a festival; you can store all your personal items and still have both hands free for a snack and a bottle of water. 

5: Arm Candy
No outfit is complete without accessorising, so adding a couple of bangles or bracelets to an outfit can really change the overall look of an outfit.

6: Ankle Boots
The ankle boot is an essential item for festival goers, on the off chance the weather isn’t 30 degrees and sunny, then you are going to want something that looks cute and is practical. The ankle boot, like the sandal, can be paired up with dresses, jeans, shorts or skirts, and still looks great. A low chunky heel is a good bet when the ground is firm but won’t result in any sinking heels.

7: Shorts
In recent years the weather through the festival season has not been perfect, shorts are an excellent choice when the weather is damp. Legs can be washed down and dried considerably quicker than trousers or jeans and once again, take up much less space in the bag than a pair of jeans.

8: Crop Top
You need to be a little braver for it but the crop top is the second item on this list that looks great, goes with almost anything and takes up no space at all in your bag. The ideal festival item and my favourite item at the moment.

9: Mini dress
Short dresses are always summer appropriate. The great thing about mini dresses is they don’t take up any room in your bag and a mini dress paired with a pair of leggings is the ideal outfit for a cooler festival day.

10: Waterproofs
No festival fashion list would be complete without the recommendation of everyone’s festival favourite; the welly. A stylish pair of wellington boots can be paired with any of the items listed above and whatever the weather throws at you, you will be prepared.

What are your top 10 essential festival items?

Thanks for reading!


There's nothing more intriguing than a piece of clothing with confused identity. When I came across the new collection sarong skirt-pants at Zara I thought this is something worth trying and coupled with the latest pass-partout, a crop top, and some chunky jewellery I don't think you can go wrong!

Splashes of neon orange

I always go a bit wild on neon in the summer, although I never manage to achieve the appropriate tan level to go with it. Love how Helmut Lang did neon this season, but cutout being my favourite kind of garment detail, the doing of the shoulders was in fact what first attracted me to this dress. Going for neon detailed accessories was not all that intentional and I usually avoid matchy matchy situations, but when I tried the combo not only did it not annoy me, it actually looked refreshing! 

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