Dear current and future redheads

As one of the few redheads standing, I occasionally get questions about my hair colour, whether the change was smooth and if it's worth the trouble. I am going to be honest with you, turning red was the most difficult, time consuming beauty related thing I've ever done. As a natural brunnette who went blond almost overnight in middle school I guess I was always very prone to change. In fact I believe I've done it all; brown, blond, highlights, short, long, fringe, bangs, you name it. Needless to say half of it was a disaster, but it's always worth experimenting, right? If you are seriously considering it, there's 3 things you should do:

1: Decide
When my mom first suggested I would make a good redhead I laughed. But blond wasn't working for me anymore so I thought I'd give it a shot for a few months (I'm nearing my two year anniversary so it's safe to say that plan sank). The first thing you should be deciding is what you consider to be the right shade of red (there's Cheryl Cole and there's Rihanna, but unless you are an established pop star I would suggest laying off Rihanna red). I knew I wanted coppery hair, something in the TTH area, cause it looked brilliant, yet less artificial. But most of all, make sure this is what you want, cause once you go red there's no heading back! 

2: Persist
So now we've got the colour of our dreams, let's go put it on our heads! I'm afraid it doesn't really work that way. If memory serves right on my first attempt I came out with fuschia roots and brown ends while blond bits were showing through all over underneath (gave my friends some good laughs, you're welcome guys). What I'm trying to say is that for copper to stick I had to have my hair dyed and redyed a gazillion times (sigh). 

3: Maintain
I can't begin to explain how high maintenance red hair is. For one thing you'll have to throw away all of the products you've been using and replace them with colour boosters. This is my favourite collection of hair products:
Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Freeze Treatment mask, which  is the best for restoring coloured hair.
L'Oreal Mythic Oil Colour Glow, a customised blend with linseed and cranberry, which protects colour from fading.
L'Oreal Pro-Keratin Refill Creme, for people like me who can't live without their straightening iron and
Redken Color Extend Radiant-10, a multi-benefitting nourishing cream for every day use.

Hope this helped! Let me know how you take care of your hair!

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Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm a natural redhead- very similiar to the color you do. I call it copper. I can always spot a fake redhead a mile away but you pull it off beautifully! :)


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