Country home 101

I've always had a weak spot for decor and interior design. It's very much like styling, in that it requires the same high form of creativity and originality in choosing the best things and arranging them in the best possible way. "Dressing" a house is not different from dressing a person and it requires just as much selectiveness - nobody likes a cluttered home! 

I've thought of starting a new category, dedicated to decor, and what would be a better way to commence this than with some photos from my own country home. We've put this house together from scratch with my mom and we were since the beginning set on filling it with one of a kind things from all over the world. Of course this meant among other things having to spend hours at flee markets in every possible country and  missing flights due to the walking sticks not making the relentless security checks, but we feel the final result was worth it. Below you will find some photos from the living room area. Let me know what you think of this new category and stay tuned for more! 

Country Home Essentials

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love home decor, what a great post! :)

    xx MJ

  2. Absolutely LOVE it!! I agree with what you said that styling a home needs as much care as styling a person. I'm moving into a new place soon and I have an idea of what I want the house to look like, but it will be so hard to translate that into reality. It will take a lot of time searching for exactly the right things, a lot of money and effort, but it will be worth it. you should definitely keep this segment going, I for one will keep checking in.


  3. Love the blue lamp!!


  4. Love your blog!


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