Start with a bun

I've always thought that a good look extends much beyond clothing and accessories, into beauty, pose and expression. Putting the outfit together is only half the job, but definitely the most difficult part. When you're stuck (as people, me included, often are), look for other sources of inspiration; a piece of jewellery or a hairstyle you've been wanting to try can give you the push you need and everything will just start falling into place, believe me. 

This is what I did yesterday, I started with a classy hair bun. Apparently, elegance starts from the top and works its way down because the next thing that came to my mind was how well that would go with a buttoned up shirt and I'm sure you get the rest. 

What do you know, it's also time saving. I realised this last night when the only thing about my appearence I didn't have to change before heading to the gym was the bun. How the hair bun can be both the most elegant and the most gym appropriate hairstyle I can think of is beyond me! 

Thanks for reading!

Outfit details:
vintage skirt
Pour la Victoire snake effect pumps
H&M necklace
Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses

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  1. So stylish :) definitely start with the hair <3

  2. Love how the bun and outfit complete each other.

  3. lovely blog. wouldn't want you to change anything there.

  4. Stunning shirt and stunning skirt!


  5. So pretty! :)

    xx MJ

  6. Great blog and love this look!

  7. Hi babe, I absolutely love this bag! I'm already searching for it for months but can't find this one anymore.. :(
    So I'm wondering if you're perhaps selling it? If you do, please let me know on my blog (Blonde Butterflies) or Instagram (@lyndesloovere) or Twitter (@lyndesloovere) thanks in advance!
    By the way, I adore your hair color! xx


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