In Overalls

Overalls are a bit of a controversial topic. I love them because they give me the same feel as jumpsuits, and I know I love jumpsuits. However, when I hear the word overalls, I usually think of them in denim, which is cool but a tad overdone and still a tad out of season! Last week I spent a good few many hours at Topshop, going through every single stack of clothing, before mid-season sales began and the place looked like a battlefield, and what I came up with (among other things) were these beautiful overalls, a delicate take on the usual denim version. How do you like them?  

Thanks for reading!

Outfit Details:
Chanel patent bag
Marvgem hamsa hand charm
Rayban folding wayfarers
Minusey, Marvgem, A.M. Mazaraki, Forever 21 rings and evil eye ring from Istanbul

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  1. Oh I've seen these last weekend, they're lovely and they fit you so well!


  2. Lovely jumpsuit or is it more an overall?
    It looks good on you.

    X Willemijn Sofie


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