Tube skirts and crop tops: definitely an addiction.

Just about when the temperature in London was kind enough to go up I decided to embrace my fav style with a couple crop top looks as you may have noticed. Take my word for it, it's the perfect time to show a little midriff! 

Happy Sunday!

Varsity Jacket

Yes I am aware of the fact that my outfit is torn between at least two teams. I just for some reason assumed Boston Bruins was a baseball team (why? Maybe cause I call such hats "baseball caps" and eventually forgot you don't need to be a baseball team to have your brand printed on a hat). Turns out they're a cool hockey team (go Bruins!) 

If on the lookout for a varsity jacket Tophsop has a nice collection at the moment. I was torn between all the different ways I could think of to style mine, but in the end I went for crop top and tube skirtWhat do you think? Let me know how you style yours!



It should come as no surprise to you that I like bold prints, especially when there's some hardcore clashing involved. Shopping my way through Topshop last week I came across so many pieces that cought my eye, that I ended up leaving with a few too many bags. Needless to say I was anxious to style everything and here's one of my favourite new looks! If you're around, pop by for a mini shopping spree, there's a lot waiting to be discovered!  

In Overalls

Overalls are a bit of a controversial topic. I love them because they give me the same feel as jumpsuits, and I know I love jumpsuits. However, when I hear the word overalls, I usually think of them in denim, which is cool but a tad overdone and still a tad out of season! Last week I spent a good few many hours at Topshop, going through every single stack of clothing, before mid-season sales began and the place looked like a battlefield, and what I came up with (among other things) were these beautiful overalls, a delicate take on the usual denim version. How do you like them?  

Dior x Harrods

I hate missing out on cool fashion exhibitions, so I make sure I catch them even if I have to go on the very last day. Sunday happened to be the last day of the Christian Dior for Harrods exhibition so the day was about shopping at the pop-up store, afternoon tea at Dior Cafe and a tour of the exhibition. The whole cafe was painted and decorated in signature Dior colours, it was magical! In case you missed the exhibition, I took a few photos which you can find if you scroll all the way down!

The complete Marvgem lookbook

Find below the complete Marvgem lookbook with all of my first jewellery collection. This project took me ages to put together and shoot so I can only hope you like the final result! Let me in on your thoughts below! 

Find Marvgem Jewellery on facebook!

High Waisted

If you asked me a few years ago whether I'd ever trade my low rise jeans for what I used to think as granny pants, I'd say No Way! I'd probably have the same reaction to dying me hair red, or getting tattoos or -well- starting a fashion blog, point being that people change and their taste changes with them. The fact is that we live in the post low-rise era, so we might as well embrace it and look confident as we do!

Have a great weekend!

Spring spirit

Time to get the spring party started, with fun and relaxed dresses, pastel nail polishes and of course bare legs. The white blazer is a pass-partout spring item, it goes with pretty much everything so if you don't already have one I'd say time to get one! 

What will totally make your day: get all your pastel nail polishes out and go crazy on your nails painting each fingernail a different colour. Best spring fix there is!

Happy Sunday!

Marvgem Jewellery

You may remember me going on and on about my upcoming jewellery collection over the past few weeks. I get shivers as I'm about to tell you that Marvgem jewellery, my very own jewellery line is finally reality! I have been working on this project for a really long time and there's no telling how excited I am. In the photos you will see only a small part of the collection, rest assured more is coming soon!

The Facebook page for Marvgem Jewellery is up and running as of last night (the website is still under constructing but I couldn't keep this to myself any longer!), find Marvgem Jewellery on FB and show us your support! Now, you can also find a tab to the page on my menu bar.

Also, if you happen to be in Athens on Wednesday 10 April, I'll be hosting the first Marvgem Jewellery show, with a few of my favourite pieces at Vive Mar from 4 to 6 p.m. I will be more than happy to see you there! If you happen to be around don't be strangers, come by and say hi! 

Start with a bun

I've always thought that a good look extends much beyond clothing and accessories, into beauty, pose and expression. Putting the outfit together is only half the job, but definitely the most difficult part. When you're stuck (as people, me included, often are), look for other sources of inspiration; a piece of jewellery or a hairstyle you've been wanting to try can give you the push you need and everything will just start falling into place, believe me. 

This is what I did yesterday, I started with a classy hair bun. Apparently, elegance starts from the top and works its way down because the next thing that came to my mind was how well that would go with a buttoned up shirt and I'm sure you get the rest. 

What do you know, it's also time saving. I realised this last night when the only thing about my appearence I didn't have to change before heading to the gym was the bun. How the hair bun can be both the most elegant and the most gym appropriate hairstyle I can think of is beyond me! 

Not Your Average Gangsta

Already having a socond peak at the Caroline Issa for LKB parrot pointed court shoes, possibly one of the prettiest pairs of shoes ever made by anyone. Limited edition and too cool not to own so I'd say treat yourselves (aren't the pompons irresistable?) 

As a big fan of boyfriend jeans and biker jackets I love gangsta looks, but I decided to give it a girly twist. Stackable bling all over, Greta Garbo hair and my new fav MAC Candy yum-yum lipstick did just that. Still I coudn't resist going a bit "gangsta" during shooting. My hand gestures are a bit of a fail, I guess I should have watched a couple movies first!

Have a great week!    

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