I just received the limited edition Caroline Issa for L. K. Bennett parrot pointed court shoes and I was so awe-struck with how colourful and photogenic they were that I couldn't help snapping every single thing about them! 

Wish you a happy weekend!


For some of us, our style is our highest form of creativity and for that it should never be suppressed. The way I see it fashion is supposed to be a challenge and an invitation. A challenge to try new things and an invitation be bold and leave your comfort zone behind. Posts like this one constitute the reason I love blogging so much, because only here do I get the chance to let all of this out and share it with others. Now that I've shared my deepest truths with you let's get to the look.  

Androgynous: in my book defined not as having neither clearly masculine or feminine characteristics, but as having distinctly both. A look I've been wanting to try for ages and only recently manned up to it (entirely intentional choice of words). The first step was to get the only two necessary things: an old men's jacket and a boyish hair look and I was almost set. Then, I turned the Celine shoulder bag into an envelope, went for simple footwear and kept accessories to a minimum, wearing one item only: the raisin and pearl necklace from my upcoming jewellery collection (coming to you soon!). The last step was the most important one: becoming the part, hardening the expressions and standing oblivious to the fact that I was practically out on the street in my bra. I sincerely hope you like this, but most of all I hope you're inspired by this.

Much love!

Double shirted

A quick outfit post from yesterday. Putting together snappy casual outfits is more of a headache than anything else and as such I always try my best to incorporate a twist. Shirt on shirt and arm party in this case (love that combo) and what may as well be the prettiest bag in the history of bags, none other but the Celine trapeze in cobalt blue. Will soon be back with more! Much love!

A striped python patent furry weekend

It's evident from the title of this post (can you believe it took me 10 minutes to come up with that) that I don't believe a single item in this outfit is more important a player than the next. They all just work better together in a bunch, don't they? I truly think these are the makings and definition of a good outfit-but feel free to let me in on your thoughts below! 

Keep an eye out for MarvGem, my own jewellery collection coming soon to you in the form of an e-shop - the green jade earrings and black onyx bangle are from my first collection! I am more excited than words can describe!

Have an amazing Sunday!

Dog in the bag

Lucky Indie, I'd sure like to be carried around in an oversized Bottega, but I don't think they make them in my size. Bottega people, if you're reading this, you should consider expanding into human transportation.
Shirt-Sweater-Alpha skirt, is definitely one of my favourite winter outfit combinations and as someone who despises tights and won't wear them unless it's an absolute necessity (i.e. it's -5 degrees outside) I really like going out bare legged even in the winter. You should try it sometime, it's really refreshing!


An easy and comfortable 9-to-5 look, featuring a fun and preppy shirtdress by up and coming Zamrie, my new Miu Miu embellished Mary Jane pumps (heels that bling? Yes please!) and a pass-partout Topshop textured crop jumper (I can't stress the usefulness of crop jumpers enough!). The Carven tribal envelope, I got several months ago, but I only just came around to carrying it for the first time- I guess I've got to stop doing that! All together fun and girly, what do you think?

Rolling with Roland

Although I'm a big fan of "noisy" fashion (just think of Pilotto's new line hanging charmingly at Selfridges, in it's beautifully decorated new space, while the lfw show plays in the back, making passers-by gasp in awe - what an image), I can't but acknowledge that clothing is divided into two categories: Wear Now and Wear Forever and that Noisy (even though more covetable) falls vastly under the first. 

Roland Mouret, however, like Elie Saab and many other such geniuses, fall under the second, with a knack for making elegant and graceful, Golden-Globe-material dresses. This is a new, one-shoulder piece with a draped back which I fell in love with instantly. Neat and lovely. Like the Givenchy Antigona. A match made in heaven.

P.S. I tried a half and half manicure, it's really easy with pastels and absolutely perfect for spring! Scroll down for a closer look and give it a go!

Istanbul: Feels like spring

One more outfit post from Istanbul, in which I'm juggling rose and grey, one of the cutest wintertime colour combinations.  I'm wearing the shearling coat you saw in my previous post from Istanbul (so warm and fuzzy), Asos rose skinny jeans and flowers all over in an attempt for a spring touch! 

Below, find some photos from the breakfast lounge at House Hotel Galatasaray (I loved the place so much I practically had to be dragged out of there every morning!) and a couple snapshots from the House Cafe where we snacked almost every day. Best-salads-ever and possibly enough quinoa for a lifetime!

Groupon voucher giveaway

You all know Groupon and I'm sure most of you have used it in the past (I know I have on multiple occasions!). So, today, I am delighted to announce that I've teamed up with Groupon to giveaway a 40 pound voucher to one lucky reader! Take a look here to see some of their exciting current and past deals and to get an idea of the variety of products and services they offer! The voucher is redeemable on any kind of good or service and is valid for six months. The winner will of course be chosen randomly. The giveaway will be open for one week (until March 19th) and I will send the voucher to the winner by email! 

All you need to do is:

Follow Not Your Average Style Fix with Bloglovin 

Then, leave a comment below with your email address so I can send you the code!
Easy peasy! Good luck to all!

Istanbul: House Hotel Galatasaray and Cezayir Sokagi

Welcome to yet another one of these combined vacation posts that I like so much. 

Before I begin, congratulations to Mackenzie Stent, from San Carlos, California for winning the studded envelope, made by the Code. The envelope is already on its way to its new owner! Thank you all very much for participating, there will be more giveaways soon!

Trips have the power to make you feel renewed and everything about them needs to be perfect. What you see, where you sleep and what you eat is all part of the experience and it all needs to be magical. I am all about new places and experiences and I try to visit a good number of new places every year, but I also like to revisit the places I liked the most. Besides, the more times you've been somewhere the better you can plan your next visit!

Istanbul is one of my favourite cities. It's very accessible and good for either summer or winter! This time I stayed in one of the cutest places, the House Hotel Galatasaray, a quite sanctuary right off of Istiklal Avenue, the Oxford street of Istanbul. Modern and high tech, it resembled a portered block of flats rather than a hotel, which is what every frequent visitor (who despises being treated like a tourist) strives for. If you follow me on instagram you've already seen me crack some jokes about the shower being next to the bed, instead of... well- in the bathroom, but after I wrapped my mind around it it was actually kinda cool! Unfortunately we only stayed there for a couple of nights, but I very much recommend it!

On the first day, after my usual room exploring, we headed out to Istiklal, but before that we stopped at the infamous, vivid Cezayir Sokagi, halfway between the hotel and the avenue to take some outfit photos. Hope you enjoy them!     

Mumbai: Traffic

One of my favourite things about India is the traffic. Mostly the fact that traffic signs are nonexistent, there is no specific number of lanes, traffic lights are entirely decorative and it's perfectly normal for one to be crossing the street alongside a cow, hoping they won't get run over (but knowing the cow will definitely be safe). The noise, of course, you need to be there to appreciate, but let me just tell you what my Indian friends told me: there are no rules, if you don't use the horn you just won't get through. But, what I like the most is the absurd number of took-touks or auto-rikshaws, the tiny cabs that you can only find in the suburbs. They are open on the sides and so flexible that they can usually manoeuvre their way through the limited space between cars regularly stuck in traffic. I did my best to capture them in the photos below! They are complete madness!

Find also some photos taken at Pali Bhavan restaurant in Mumbai, a beautiful new place serving modern Indian food. I'm literally drooling at the thought of warm paratha bread!

This is my last post from Mumbai, the next one will be from Istanbul! Hope you enjoyed the mini series and learnt new things about India!

Mumbai: The slums

I never thought visiting Dharavi, the largest slum area in Asia, was a real possibility. Every year in India we repeatedly ask to be taken there and hotel staff as well as tour guides are being cagey about it, insinuating that there isn't anything worth seeing or that strangers are not allowed inside. Needless to say, this is very far from the truth because as we realised you simply haven't seen Mumbai if you haven't been to Dharavi. 

This year we were lucky enough to meet someone from a Dharavi tourist office, operated inside Dharavi by Dharavi locals, all of them young college students who support their studies by giving tours of the mysterious "neighbourhood" which houses almost 2 million people. To our surprise, we found out that Dharavi is not just a poor and packed residential area like most foreigners and Indians think, or just the place where Slumdog Millionaire was shot, but the primary economic force of Mumbai, maintaing leading industrial activity in recycling, pottery, leather making, textiles and many other areas, in about 15.000 single room factories. We were more than impressed with how busy and hardworking everyone seemed and realised that Dharavi is something for Mumbai to be proud of, instead of an ugly aspect of their city which needs to be suppressed and hidden from the public. What is more, people were friendly and welcoming and there wasn't a moment when we didn't feel safe.

I managed to take a few photos, but some people were thrown off at the sight of the camera and I always had to ask for permission before snapping. If you ever find yourselves in Mumbai, contact Be the Local for a tour of the slums, I promise you won't regret it.

Mumbai: Elephanta Caves and Colaba market

On our third day in Mumbai we took a day trip to Elephanta Caves, temple and meditation place dedicated to god Shiva, located on a tiny island about an hour from Mumbai and inhabited more by monkeys than people. The carvings and statues inside the caves were magnificent and we really enjoyed learning about the story of Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati by the locals. Before heading back we spent some time at the Colaba market in Mumbai, were we always go to buy Indian handmade accessories like the ones I'm wearing in this post. The jacket I got one day before we left home from -believe it or not- Zara. I saw it in a store and subconsciously reached for the label, which said Made in India. That kind of made it a sure purchase for me! 

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