Dripping in gold

The weeks right before and after New Year's day (aka the party season) are the ones I look forward to the most every year. I cherish the party season for giving me a reason to dress up almost every day, something I don't normally get the chance to do as much as I'd like the rest of the time. Here I am showing you again my appreciation for metallics, in a gold lame Halston Heritage dress and Moschino bronze and silver peep toes, both oldies but goodies. 
When it comes to formally dressing up I ususally go for big and flashy earrings to top everything off. Ever since I visited India for the first time 4 years ago it's become impossible for me to go back to the boring western style when it comes to jewelry. Everytime I go I fall in love with the chic, original and ethnic-ish feel of the jewelry they make all over again and want to bring them all back with me! In this case I'm wearing a pair of gold, onyx and diamond earrings I got last time in India, which I believe is the representation of everything classy and a perfect addition to my bronze look. I was recently thinking of starting up my own company of designing, importing and selling Indian style jewelry like these earrings, as it is my dream to get involved with luxury goods, especially when jewelry and a high fashion sense are involved! I will make sure to show you more styles soon, and I will keep you posted on how realising my dream goes! 

Thanks for reading!

Outfit Details:
Halston Heritage gold lame dress
Moschino heels
Lady Dior bag
Flavio Castellani cardigan with fur collar
earrings bought in India
A.M. Mazaraki rings

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  1. Love your sunglasses and really nice outfit !!!



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