All things girly

Somewhere along the lines of biker jackets, leather leggings and spiked heels (don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of all the above) it feels like we forgot our girly ways. That's why this outfit is one of my favourites: between a jewelled collar, a starry clutch, flashy sandals, pink lipstick and the enormous elephant I'm proudly wearing around my wrist (a treasured acquisition from India like most of my jewellery as you may have noticed and part of the collection I plan on bringing later this year) I feel like this post represents all things girly, n'est ce pas?

Thanks for reading!

Outfit details:
Casadei shoes
Jimmy Choo solar clutch
diamond cuff bought in India
vintage earrings
MAC "mean and greennail polish (with black as a base coat)

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  1. This is soo my kind of post! love your hair like this :)

  2. The queen of blue sky..

  3. Ypur shoes are adorable!!


  4. Your dress is so cute! Really love it with this black adorable shoes! Kisses darling!


  5. This is absolutely gorgeous- your attention to detail is amazing! The outfit and hair together have a bit of a Florence Welch vibe, which IMO is always a good thing :) I'm so glad you stopped by my blog to say hi :)


  6. gorgeous outfit, you look beautiful :)

    Hayley xx


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