Ahh snakes, my favourite animal category after tiny dogs... just kidding. However, I am a big fan of animal print and that sort of includes everything snake. There's something feminine about it, but in a seriously classy way, which I don't know if you agree, but may or may not be the case with leopard prints.
My choice of designer shouldn't take you by surprise, you know I have a long standing love affair with Stella McCartney (case in point being this and this). I guess I am a bit inclined towards british fashion designers, but you have to agree her designs are genious and worth every penny.
I used to have a Spinish language teacher who said everything should come in threes. Of course he meant grammar and such. But, what could be more fun than to test if this rule was applicable to more than just grammar.. Putting on a snake print dress, led me to a snake clutch, which led me to a cuff with a snake on it (which together with the ring are part of a beautiful collection coming to you soon). One outfit, three serpents. Too much, or just enough? 
Speaking of cuff, remember the one with the elephant? Come to think of it I keep a whole animal kingdom in my jewellery box. Which one do you prefer?

Orchids and penguins

Knowing that she'd probably steal the spotlight, I took Indie out with me for photos on Saturday and she insisted she came as a penguin (why should only my clothes have cool stuff on them?) Despite the clever disguise, she still attracted stray dogs and had us run for our lives, but that's a different story!
In my previous few posts I did my best to leave that non negligible percentage of my wardrobe consisting of black clothing untouched, but let's face it there's only so much colour you can wear in the middle of winter.
This Givenchy-like orchid print dress was one of my first buys from Minusey, a cute and affordable online store, perfect for those days of the week month that you want to go shopping, but not really spend. Mini dress and trench is an easy and chic combination that can take you from brunch to drinks, don't you think?  

Howsty Etnia boots

Those of you who follow me on instagram under @athinavalyraki, have already seen these beauties come through the door, as I couldn't help giving you a sneak peek a few weeks ago when I received them! I actually had a lot of trouble choosing from the huge selection of styles on the site (you can check them out here), but finally settled for grey with a mostly red pattern which I thought brought about enough of the tribal look I was going for. What do you think?

The mid-calf skirt

Hello and Happy Friday! This week has been extra full of things so I personally can't wait for some weekend sleeping in and the lack of the alarm going off in the morning! Now less about my deprivation of sleep and more on the outfit-side, apparently I'm trying to colourblock my way out of winter. Please tell me that I'm being a little bit successful; if not in turning the calendar a few months ahead, then at least in spreading a little pre-weekend cheer. 
One of my favourite things is the combination of midi skirts and booties: I just love that little bit of calf showing in between. Having this thought on a random day I realised I owned such a combo and I had yet to share it with the world, so here it is in the form of a Halston Heritage midi pleated skirt (on sale here) and a pair of Bottega Veneta lace ankle booties, probably the most romantique shoes I own. I don't believe I need to dwell on my appreciation for prints any more, you already know I like boldness this way, so I can only hope I made your Friday just a little bit less gloomy!


I know emerald isn't the sole player in this post, but everything started with this emerald dress, which I saw randomly, loved instantly, bought almost automatically and decided to test my skin for cold resistance in order to wear in January, so I believe it deserves to be the star of the day! In matching it I went for some lightweight colourblocking with purple Yves Saint Laurent pumps from a recent shopping spree on My Theresa and a yellow velvet Bottega Veneta clutch. We had so much fun during shooting cause it was freezing but I was refusing to put my coat on and hide the dress even for a second! Instead I had to keep moving around which made me look like an idiot most of the time but it gave us some hard laughs! I know I say that a lot but I am crazy in love with this outfit, hope you guys like it too! 


There's no doubt that I'm a dog person. However, when I say dog I usually mean tiny balls of fur that I can dress in funny sweaters and carry around using one arm, like Indie. Givenchy recently had a whole different take on the word in what I presume was a scary-teeth related series of designs starring sharks and rottweilers. Nonetheless, I found the rationale refreshing and eccentric enough to consider giving this tote a place among my favourite bags and even though it saw the inside of my wardrobe for quite some time here you finally see me sporting it for a walk about town. On the plus side, there's a chance it scares the thieves off!

Signed by Stella

Unquestionably there are some items, chic and relevant through the decades, that no female wardrobe is ever complete without. The little black dress, the white shirt, the pencil skirt, the trench coat are only some of these, and if you ask me the blazer deserves just as much a place among the immortal items of style. However, a blazer is one thing, a Stella McCartney blazer another- so let's focus. 

The impeccable quality and precision cut design with Stella McCartney's signature are some of the traits that have made her blazers so impossible to resist, alongside the fact that a blazer of course is timeless. The falabella tote is my most valued acquisition of the sale season, also a signature McCartney piece in python print. Finally, the necklace that you see popping through the neckline of the blazer is I guess what made me tie all this together in the first place: a handmade piece from India, from the collection that I plan on marketing later this year, which I will show you in full on another occasion, but that for now adds just enough chicness to the ensemble! 

Now besides the fact the my hairstyle (which I adore in case my hair stylist is reading this) makes me feel like part of a science fiction movie that takes place in 2080 where cars fly and people walk on glass (whoops Maison Martin Margiela made sure I did that already), I am super in love with this look, et vous? 

Hey Kitty Kitty

I've always thought coats were meant to make a statement and before I got to spend some long, hard winters in England I used to treat them more like accessories. Of course I had to learn the hard way but, still, when I come across one that speaks to me that way I usually just go for it, without taking into account the keep-you-warm property it's supposed to have. This one, being both animal print and oversized passed the test with flying colours! I'm sure my obsession with animal print is no news to you and I don't suppose there's any harm in stating it one more time! A leopard print coat clearly asks for cat-eye sunglasses, so I had to resort to my favourite pair (you might remember it from my burgundy post from last September). Finally, making their debut on the blog, the Pied a Terre court shoes with transparent heels, which give your average black heels just enough of a twist, don't you think?

All things girly

Somewhere along the lines of biker jackets, leather leggings and spiked heels (don't get me wrong I'm a big fan of all the above) it feels like we forgot our girly ways. That's why this outfit is one of my favourites: between a jewelled collar, a starry clutch, flashy sandals, pink lipstick and the enormous elephant I'm proudly wearing around my wrist (a treasured acquisition from India like most of my jewellery as you may have noticed and part of the collection I plan on bringing later this year) I feel like this post represents all things girly, n'est ce pas?

Yellow beanie

Remember how I declared eternal love for spikes in a recent post and started off with a beautiful pair of Sam Edelman spiked booties I had yet to wear? Well here they are finally in action (too much action judging by the first photo) alongside a Moncler Peliade coat (new addition to my never ending coat and jacket collection) and a yellow Juicy Couture beanie (to shake up the greyness in style!). 

Maxi dress and fur vest

I'm feeling a bit paranoid for posting these photos right now, cause looking out my window I see it has just started to snow, but believe me a few days ago when I shot this outfit it was that warm! I've started to have a thing for maxi dresses lately and I love the lace details and the open back on this maxi dress by Free People so much I could hardly wait to wear it. With the faux fur vest and the large shopping bag it's the perfect daytime outfit, don't you think?

Dripping in gold

The weeks right before and after New Year's day (aka the party season) are the ones I look forward to the most every year. I cherish the party season for giving me a reason to dress up almost every day, something I don't normally get the chance to do as much as I'd like the rest of the time. Here I am showing you again my appreciation for metallics, in a gold lame Halston Heritage dress and Moschino bronze and silver peep toes, both oldies but goodies. 
When it comes to formally dressing up I ususally go for big and flashy earrings to top everything off. Ever since I visited India for the first time 4 years ago it's become impossible for me to go back to the boring western style when it comes to jewelry. Everytime I go I fall in love with the chic, original and ethnic-ish feel of the jewelry they make all over again and want to bring them all back with me! In this case I'm wearing a pair of gold, onyx and diamond earrings I got last time in India, which I believe is the representation of everything classy and a perfect addition to my bronze look. I was recently thinking of starting up my own company of designing, importing and selling Indian style jewelry like these earrings, as it is my dream to get involved with luxury goods, especially when jewelry and a high fashion sense are involved! I will make sure to show you more styles soon, and I will keep you posted on how realising my dream goes! 


One last outfit from the previous year, where I'm juggling my three favourite winter colours: grey, burgundy and blue, inspired by these beautiful Citizens of Humanity "Thompson" paisly print cords I got my hands on when I was in New York. I was looking for a pair of interesting cords and when I found these I instantly fell in love with the print and colour coordination. I was also on the lookout for something other than boring, old black to finally wear my Balenciaga cobalt blue sling backs with so this felt like a match made in heaven! What do you think?

New Years Eve Glam

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had an amazing time last night and I wish this year brings you nothing but love, success and happiness! My New Years Eve look was neat but glamorous as it always should! I wore a maxi, velvet, one shoulder dress I got in New York a couple months ago and felt would be perfect for this day, with a silver Christian Dior envelope and Yves Saint Laurent patent pumps. Chignon hairstyle and red lips gave the look a bit of extra glam! What did your New Years Eve outfit look like?

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