2013 in pictures

A few hours before we say goodbye to 2013 and it's time for a recap! This blog represents all of the hard work that I started approximately one and a half years ago, without realising how committed I would eventually become. 2013 was my first full blogging year and I couldn't possibly let its last day pass by without putting together a small mash-up of this year in pictures. I can't wait for the new year to begin and I can only hope it's as diverse and full of things as last year was. Have a beautiful New Year's eve everyone and -fingers crossed- the year of your dreams! 

Festive red

There can't be Christmas time without a new red, glamorous dress. This year I decided I had finally overdosed on backless and strapless and opted for the epitome of elegance, a straight line dress, shaped vaguely as a kaftan from Evi Grintela: "The Shirtdress" FW 2013-14 holiday capsule collection. I loved the Chanel feel of this refined fabric and thought it was only natural to pair this dress with glamorous Chanel accessories. Its natural glimmer in the sunlight and the shine of patent leather made for a glamorous Christmas look! I wish everyone a sparkling and shimmering New Year's eve tomorrow! 

Bloggers World 2014

I'm happy to share with everyone the news about a wonderful project I recently took part in! I was lucky to be asked to work with 11 other beautiful bloggers to put together a calendar for 2014. We each took a month and every personalised page introduces our work, story and inspiration, not only in the field of fashion, but also beauty and lifestyle. Bloggers World 2014 has finally been printed in time for the new year and is ready to be shipped worldwide! You can get your copy now on EbayEtsy or by sending an email to lubka.christova@gmail.com with your name and full postage address. So excited!  

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope this day brings you love, joy and happiness! Make sure you spend it with people you care about and spread happy thoughts to everyone around you! Big kiss!


Aaah winter, by far my favourite season of the year! I absolutely love the festivities around Christmas, the occasional snow and those long nights by the fireplace with a cup of mint and ginger tea, my fuzziest pair of socks and a blanket! But, most importantly, I like it because I feel I am a much better winter that summer dresser. I can't get enough of layering, winter accessorising and the overall challenge of looking stylish, while in fact what I want to do is wear everything I own in order to protect myself against my oldest enemy, the flu. An enormous, chunky knit jumper or cardigan is my other half during winter: as warm as it gets and so easy to style with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and some sneakers!   

A day at Luxury Elements

You guys know how addicted I am to jewellery; chic, ethnic, glamorous, punk, you name it! As a person long dedicated to stacking up dozens of jewellery boxes with bling acquisitions from across the globe I was ecstatic at the opportunity to shoot at and put together a review for Luxury Elements, concept jewellery store in the centre of Athens. As you might remember from a brief introduction I made a few weeks ago, Luxury Elements offers a variety of impressive and stylish jewellery made of precious gemstones at very affordable prices and a number of services, from private shopping to international shipping upon request. I spent a few hours in the store last weekend trying on different styles. In this post you will find some of my personal favourites, however, the extent of available choices was truly impossible to capture! Visit their facebook page for more info!

Ho Ho
Since Christmas is around the corner and everyone deserves a little preferential treatment this time of year, all readers who like the facebook page of Luxury Elements will receive a 15% discount on their Christmas shopping! Happy holidays people! 

Gossip girl

I had been wanting to go preppy for a while, inspired by traditional Ralph Lauren campaigns and the fashion surrounding New England leisure activities including but not limited to equestrianism (and thus the gaiter boots where knee-high socks should have been). This Ivy league style blazer is an old Daks London acquisition, one of those items that I always thought one should possess, even if they only get to wear it once a year; it turns heads - take my word for it!  

P.S. Couldn't help but think back to Blair and the minions while shooting this outfit, and thus the title. Kinda wish I also had a nice colourful headband!

Back to basics

Back to basics in black and neutrals for a comfy, laid-back weekend in style. With Christmas shopping sprees around the corner it's good to keep a couple easy going outfits handy for those long mornings and afternoons spent between malls. A pair of stylish flats and a large shopper will go a long way towards making your shopping excursions a bit less of a drag. This practically bottomless Aspinal of London tote has helped me fit the necessities for entire days away from home this past week and I can vouch for its spacial capacities! The weekend look is completed with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a relaxed top like this new collection soft leather panel top from Zara. What's your perfect weekend outfit like?

Boyfriend blazer

If there's one thing I find irrevocably sexy, it's the juxtaposition of a manly structure on a female body. Boyfriend shirts and blazers are my all time favourite garments to stock up in. Thankfully, Isabel Marant, largely known for her baggy/oversized outerwear and more has yet to disappoint us, as her recent H&M collaboration had a lot to offer in that department. For maximum effect I love to match such items with sexy mini skirts/shorts or skinny jeans, cause a boyfriend look is never complete without a hint of curve or bare legs! ;)


I'm not gonna lie, I love pants in all of their versions: skinny, high-waist, bootcut, flared, coloured - you name it - most of them very pretty and a little uncomfortable. Looking for something laid-back to wear on a weekend I discovered I only had about a handful of choices. So, I came to realise that in fashion comfort is severely underrated, and thought of ways to put together a relaxed, yet modern, and stylish look, which could possibly keep me going from day to night, without making me feel the need to change. 

Said look, comprised of a pair of Sugarfree Shops leather jogger pants and cropped cable knit sweater did the trick. PVC accessories and details all over added consistency and a bit of glam ;)


I've always considered H&M designer collaborations to be a brilliant idea, and ever since I got acquainted with the concept I've made sure to get my hands on a at least a couple of collectible items from each (how quickly they sell out is uncanny and definitely adds to the frenzy). However, there's collaborations and there's Marant. I had the pleasure of reviewing the entire capsule collection at a pre-launch event and I can confidently say this is one of my favourites. Loved the oversized outerwear, baggy printed pants, lace tops, flagship Isabel Marant fringe boots to name a few. In other words, heads up, this is the first from a series of posts dedicated to this collaboration! 

Here I'm wearing the oversized boyfriend coat from the collection with a modern back to school look composed of a graphic Hip and Bone tee, leather pleated skirt and Zara grungy mid calf block heel boots

P.S. You can still find most of Isabel Marant pour H&M on ebay.

Paradise garden

Even though a fan of monochromatic looks in winter, I can never entirely give up colour or lock away anything with a cheerful pattern for a good few months at a time. Thankfully winters in Athens are mild and allow for bare legs and mini skirts for a good chunk of time! Browsing a little on Mombasa Rose I found a few dresses which could be worn on a full year basis, with the appropriate outerwear and accessories -et voila!

Leather crop

I keep bumping into hidden treasures every single time I pass by my local Zara store. This leather crop happens to be one of my latest "treasured" acquisitions, along a bunch of other crops, which are definitely flooding my wardrobe by now! I wore it with a pair of low rise Current Elliott jeans and black Givenchy accessories, for a borderline badass look. What do you think?

Luxury Elements giveaway!

We haven't had a giveaway here on the blog in a while and I believe it's finally time! 

Not Your Average Style Fix has partnered up with concept jewellery store Luxury Elements to offer one lucky girl a pair of black onyx and zircon earrings, the same that I wore in my previous outfit post! Luxury Elements is the definition of affordable luxury, offering an impressive variety of stylish jewellery, made of precious gemstones at incredible prices. The first of their concept stores is located in the centre of Athens, where they host events, private sales and private shopping services, but they also do delivery at home and international shipping upon request! Take a look at their Facebook page for more information!   

This giveaway is open internationally and there are three steps to taking part:

1) Follow Not Your Average Style Fix on BloglovinIf you don't have an account with Bloglovin make one here, it literally takes a second!

3) Leave me a comment below or send me a message with your email address

The winner will be contacted by email in 10 days! So stay tuned and share it with your friends!

Good luck!

Thanks for reading! Good luck everyone!

Rebellious plaid

You've heard about the new plaid. Now, before you start thinking that the new plaid is nothing but the old plaid waist bound (inclusively but not exclusively true), I should probably tell you that the focus of this post is actually not the plaid as such, but the faded, grungy, rebellious plaid, punking up my otherwise glamorous AX Paris mesh dress, like nothing else could. Plaid (and its newly found cousin, the houndstooth) is probably my favourite pattern and FW13 trend which I am likely to abide by the most. Besides, you already got a first glimpse of it here, in its collective version, inspired by Celine, Stella McCartney, Emilia Wickstead and all the other stacked up plaid looks that flooded FW13 catwalks. More of those refined, layered "new plaid" looks coming soon, probably in the oversized! How do you feel about plaid this season?

Have a great week!

I see butterflies

I see butterflies. And they happen to be black and white as are most of my favourite recent (and, rest assured, future) looks. There's something about the way I am magically drawn to monochrome hues and stripes and leather and textile combination garments (don't be surprised if I get back to all of the above in coming posts!) This trend first hit the SS13 shows and is continuing on, so I'd say opt for mono pieces which will help you put together classy outfits. What I would like to stress here, though, is the importance of accessorising (sufficiently not excessively) in order to give a neat and classy mono look enough of an edge. Shades and a statement necklace usually do it for me, and if you feel like investing these days, the answer is Gianvito Rossi

And right about when I thought I knew my hometown in and out, it turns out I had rather falsely eliminated my chances of randomly bumping into a mini jungle. What do you know. 


I LOVE a good pair of sunglasses (good translating into any adjective crossing your mind - from retro to electric). Every pair of shades I own is special to me in some way and different from the next, so that they remind me of the style chameleon I always hoped to be. A pair of shades is the finishing touch of every memorable outfit - add to it some attitude and you're set!    

Thanks for reading!


Candy colours and heels enhanced with little balls of fur. As far as I'm concerned that has to be the definition of an outfit capable of making your day. Yes, winter is here but the colour white is not likely to leave me anytime soon; I've been stocking up on white footwear and outerwear as much as ever. And while I knew Fleur du Mal to offer impeccable lingerie (you should know that if you are based in the States), I only recently realised its RTW collection is just as good (case in point). Now, I can't quite decide which is more of an eye candy:  a pair of soft and puffy heels or a multi pastel tone Chanel bag (you can be the judge of that), but I do know that all the sweet references in this post are giving me a sugar rush! Have a good weekend!

Tinos island for a day

Last weekend I found myself on the Greek island of Tinos for 12 hours. Having been there a few times already I knew it would offer a good many settings for photos and since I don't do casual looks so often lately, I figured it would be a good opportunity for one. Seeing as I travelled back and forth on the same day I necessarily had to go for a comfortable ensemble,  jean-sweater-booties usually does it for this time of the year!   

Life in Mono

I was ecstatic when asked to supply the jewellery for an anniversary haute couture fashion show taking place in Athens last week and even though I spent most of the time backstage, styling the models in earrings and necklaces from my jewellery line, Marvgem Jewellery, and hardly even saw any of it, I wouldn't trade a minute of backstage action! For the show I chose a black and white look, comprised of a backless shirt, bold striped pants from Storydrops, Charlotte Olympia pumps and of course my personal favourite Marvgem moonstone earrings!    


After a couple legging-ridden winters, having tried sequins, waxed effect, faux and real leather, metallics, geometrical and other patterns, I thought it was high time I expanded to other solar systems with my new galaxy printed leggings. I matched them with a mesh detail jumper, purple Balenciaga clutch and the much cherished MMM for H&M booties from the last collaboration.  Surpassing my brother's remark that in this outfit I remind him of one renowned macbook wallpaper, what do you guys think?

The skirt

There's nothing better than an eye-catching skirt to make an outfit pop, without turning it too formal. This was my outfit for the blogger educational dinner held last week on the occasion of World Contraception Day (26 September), a worldwide campaign with a mission to improve awareness of contraception and help young people make informed choices. You can find a lot of useful information on the cause and campaign on the official website here!

Folegandros island photo diary

Folegandros has moved up in my list of favourite Greek islands for its simplicity, authenticity and breathtaking views, which I've tried to bring across to you with this mini diary. This was my final and most relaxing excursion of the summer and I'm finally recharged and positively ready to dust off my wellies (oh how much I've missed you).

Red satin dream

I rarely begin a style post with an accessory close up, but in this case who would argue with me! There's really not much else to say about these beauties, straight off Burberry Prorsum SS13 catwalk, apart from me offering my sincere apologies that I left them in their beautiful box all summer and only just came around to blogging about them. The cutting edge Celine Havana sunglasses are also a new fave, can't wait to include them in a leather look for maximum badass attitude! 

Mykonos: Seventh Wonderland

Summer is over for almost everyone, except for those who spend it in Greece only to be reminded that September is just as warm and sunny as July and August. I was lucky enough to make one more quick stop in Mykonos in the beginning of this month and yes by now I'm pretty sure: I could easily get used to a never ending summer. 

The shirtdress

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a clothing line presentation by Evi Karatza at the New Hotel in Athens. Her line "Evi Grintela: The Shirtdress," is just that - a collection of shirts, long enough to be worn as dresses. They're all in white and shades of blue, with a strong resemblance to a man's shirt, only with a female twist and delicate cotton feel. I have to say I really like the idea of creating something so niche!  


I can advocate with relative certainty that double denim looks aren't going out of style anytime soon - or I should at least hope so cause I can't get enough of them, especially during cut-off season. I always seem to be looking for a new pair of denim shorts to get my hands on, of course doing my best to justify each new addition as necessary (lace detail shorts-definitely necessary)! Most importantly, the oversized boyfriend denim shirt will work its way into your outfits in a million ways this autumn so get one if you haven't already and keep it handy!

Have a great Sunday!


Playing around with my Diana F+ had been on my checklist for quite some time. I'd always been appreciative of photography and its many forms and possibilities, but lomography is pretty much another universe. None of the photos in this post where taken with the Diana but I promise to try and enrich my portfolio and get back to you with some nice lomo shots!


As much as I appreciate the freedom of a bikini, I've been addicted to intriguing (mostly cut-out) one piece swimsuits this summer (as you already know). Truth is they look much more elegant but just as sexy as most bikinis and you don't run the risk of forgetting to pack either top or bottom before you leave on vacation (something I constantly do!). This is one of my current favourites from Sugarfree - the cut-out pattern kinda reminds me of shark teeth!  

Oh Boy

It's not the first time you're seeing the Chanel Boy here on the blog, but this is more of a tribute to it than my other post was. Needless to say Chanel Boy and Hula (again here and here) hold a special place in my heart this season, the ones I have being in white and yellow means they go with every summer outfit I come up with. Thinking back to a discussion I had with some Italian fellows last week, they were trying to convince me that Chanel is classic but never changing, meaning they lose their old customers after a while. Up until a few years back I would have had to agree. Sure you will never let go of your 2.55, but how many can you have? Recent years have proven us all wrong though. It's no longer the fact that Chanel classics will always be just that - classics-, but the new-found ease with which they manage to come up with new favs every year, the reason why Chanel will always be the one and only timeless brand. Lego, as tiny and impractical as you seem to be, I've got my eyes on you...   

Mono checkers at st James's park

Thanks to the abundance of green and old buildings in London I never run out of nice surroundings for my blog photos when in town. What has always been truly scarce, even in the summer, is acceptable temperature levels. That is, until the warmest July in british history. Taking advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I spent almost every single free minute I had during my week there spacing out in overcrowded parks. No need for me to go once again over the necessity of sporting the checkers this season (extra points for mono)-if you haven't come around it yet do so before we go back to sweaters! 

Kea island Vol. II

I love anything cutout, especially when you can swim in it. I'm always on the lookout for cool onepiece swimsuits with cutout details and Asos always has a wide selection so I totally recommend browsing through their collections before summer ends! 

Kea island Vol. I

What I love the most about Greece is its never-ending reserve of little islands, cute private beaches, sunny days and all things summer. Kea (Tzia) is one of those islands that are really close to Athens but are practically a different world and thus offer a great getaway if you only have a couple days to spare. The photos were taken around Sykamia beach and Aigis Suites - stay tuned for vol. II!  


Floral is the most spring/summer appropriate pattern and also the most cheerful one! Recently I discovered my wardrobe's severe lack of adequate floral statement pieces and set out to find something that would go nicely with white, black and well.. everything in between. Enter Etro and these semi-baggy floral pants, still available on Farfetch at a nice discount.  

Festival Essentials for Summer 2013

The Festival season is upon us, I for one thing am going to the Electric Daisy Carnival in London next weekend and literally can't tell you how excited I am!

When planning a festival trip it is important to pack light but bring items that are versatile and comfortable and of course, stylish. Coachella kicks off the festivals each year in California and is where we get a sneak glimpse of the festival fashion for the year. This year there were a lot of sunglasses, sandals, shorts and ankle boots and we see the same style throughout the summer at the UK’s Music Festivals. Taking some guidance from Coachella, here is a list of the top 10 fashion essentials for 2013 festival fashion. 

1: The Hat
We don’t get too much sunshine here in the UK but if the sun does make an appearance it is important to be prepared. A cool trilby or cowboy hat looks great and protects your head from the sun’s rays. The lack of showers at festivals plays havoc with your hair so it’s also nice to have the ability to cover it up and still look great.

2: Sunnies
A cool pair of shades can be paired with any outfit to bring some style. Sunglasses help hide the damage from the night before and shade your precious eyes from the glare of the sun before you have had time for your morning caffeine hit.

3: Flat Sandals
It's a great thing flat sandals are in fashion because they are one of the most versatile footwear items around. Sandals can be paired up with any cute dress, jeans, shorts or skirt and allow you to stay on your feet all day and all night.

4: Cross-body bag
The wrong handbag can have detrimental effects on your mood at a festival; imagine the awkwardness pushing your way through a crowd with an oversized shoulder bag. A cute cross-over bag is perfect for a festival; you can store all your personal items and still have both hands free for a snack and a bottle of water. 

5: Arm Candy
No outfit is complete without accessorising, so adding a couple of bangles or bracelets to an outfit can really change the overall look of an outfit.

6: Ankle Boots
The ankle boot is an essential item for festival goers, on the off chance the weather isn’t 30 degrees and sunny, then you are going to want something that looks cute and is practical. The ankle boot, like the sandal, can be paired up with dresses, jeans, shorts or skirts, and still looks great. A low chunky heel is a good bet when the ground is firm but won’t result in any sinking heels.

7: Shorts
In recent years the weather through the festival season has not been perfect, shorts are an excellent choice when the weather is damp. Legs can be washed down and dried considerably quicker than trousers or jeans and once again, take up much less space in the bag than a pair of jeans.

8: Crop Top
You need to be a little braver for it but the crop top is the second item on this list that looks great, goes with almost anything and takes up no space at all in your bag. The ideal festival item and my favourite item at the moment.

9: Mini dress
Short dresses are always summer appropriate. The great thing about mini dresses is they don’t take up any room in your bag and a mini dress paired with a pair of leggings is the ideal outfit for a cooler festival day.

10: Waterproofs
No festival fashion list would be complete without the recommendation of everyone’s festival favourite; the welly. A stylish pair of wellington boots can be paired with any of the items listed above and whatever the weather throws at you, you will be prepared.

What are your top 10 essential festival items?

Thanks for reading!


There's nothing more intriguing than a piece of clothing with confused identity. When I came across the new collection sarong skirt-pants at Zara I thought this is something worth trying and coupled with the latest pass-partout, a crop top, and some chunky jewellery I don't think you can go wrong!

Splashes of neon orange

I always go a bit wild on neon in the summer, although I never manage to achieve the appropriate tan level to go with it. Love how Helmut Lang did neon this season, but cutout being my favourite kind of garment detail, the doing of the shoulders was in fact what first attracted me to this dress. Going for neon detailed accessories was not all that intentional and I usually avoid matchy matchy situations, but when I tried the combo not only did it not annoy me, it actually looked refreshing! 

Equestrian chic

As someone who has always catered a deep appreciation for everything traditionally English -from cream and scones to freakin drizzle- I couldn't refrain from putting together a streetwear Royal Ascot themed look (well..minus the hat), for us indulgent ones! Since equestrian fashion has been more of a wintery thing (boots and loads of leather) and inspired by Ferragamo's SS13 twist towards equestrian chic I challenged myself into creating a summer version. Hope you like it!  

Streets of Paris

It would have served me nicely to actually walk the streets of Paris for this outfit, but if you can't go, Carven might bring them to you! Initially I thought the SS13 RTW safari prints from the catwalk went a long way towards transporting us across borders, but when I came across this dress I decided wearing the Seine trumped giraffes and caravans. I love the french feel of the wide scoop neck and  gathered waistline, but mostly I like the fact that you only notice the print when you look really closely, which is also when you realise the extent of the detail. Of course I have no way of knowing how accurate this map is, but all the same! 


What I love the most about summer style is how effortless and comfortable looking chic can be. A maxi dress and a pair of wedges can get you anywhere from day to night. Add to it statement piece of jewellery, like a heavy necklace or an ear cuff, and you have nothing less than the perfect summer outfit! 


I guess I can only call this post timely, considering fashion current affairs! I'm obviously referring to this morning's announcement of the upcoming Isabel Marant x H&M collaboration, in stores next November - so psyched! Isabel will bring her romantic parisien take on fashion to the highstreet, what an interesting twist after cutting edge Maison Martin Margiela. 

Back to the outfit, it's only June so I'd say take advantage of the sales to stock up on romper/mini/flary/all-things-girly dresses for the vacation months. Isabel Marant always offers some nice choices in that department!      

Summer tailoring

One of my favourite fashion trends for SS13 is the combination of good old black and white in a minimalist setting. I love straight lines and structured tailoring so when it comes to suits I usually prefer them slim fitting as opposed to slouchy. I came across this summer suit by MaxMara and it kind of had everything I was looking for in a business look. I like how the simplest colours play against each other, but I still couldn't resist adding a pop of colour, with my latest acquisition, the Chanel hula hoop in bright yellow.  

A jumpsuit thing

I don't believe obsessing over jumpsuits more than I currently do is humanly possible. I will try not to overwhelm you guys with too many onepiece outfits in the future, but I can't promise anything! There's just something about them that makes them so elegant! 
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