The mountains: Neon in the snow

If there's one thing I hate when it comes to winter is the obsession with dark and dull colours. It is much more challenging to make your outfit fun and warm to the eye, but then who doesn't love a challenge? For my Christmas trip to the mountains this year I decided to leave everything black behind and find out how bits of bright neon would look against the snow. What do you think? Have an amazing holiday and enter my Christmas giveaway here!

Mirror Mirror...

Mirror mirror... Should I go crazy on velvet again this Christmas? 

Apart from my apparent confusion of the mirror with a magic 8-ball there's not much else to question here. For some reason velvet feels as festive as christmas trees and with the velvet jacket being the number 1 must-have piece in your wardrobe this season, this is a no-brainer! Go get yourselves all wrapped up in soft and fuzzy velvet and don't forget to enter my New Year's giveaway here

Miinto Voucher Giveaway!

Are you a fellow blogger? If yes, I've got something very exciting to share with you this week! I've teamed up with online fashion destination Miinto to offer you the chance to win a voucher to spend on the site! The voucher is worth £50, you can choose from thousands of products, the voucher has no expiration date and shipping is free! The only thing you need to do is:

  1. Surf around on Miinto and pick your favourite item! 
  2. Make a short post about it on your blog (it could be just the picture) and include this exact url:
  3. Then drop me a line in the comment box below with the link to your amazing post for me to see!
  4. Finally follow Not Your Average Style Fix on facebook and bloglovin 
The competition will run for 2 weeks and the winner will be announced here on the 1s of of January, my New Year's gift to you! I will also contact the winner with the voucher code by email, so make sure you include your email address! 

Time for window shopping!

Bow to Mary Katrantzou

Do you ever dream about designs you see on the runway? Of course you do, but do you buy them? Do you crave fashion statement pieces or are you afraid of investing in something that can be too easily related to a particular season? To be honest, when it comes to dresses I prefer the ones that if anything shout designer rather than collection. The reason for that is one really: I have a very special relationship with my wardrobe, whereby I mostly shove things in and rarely throw anything out, and obvious last seasons ask to work their way out -and it's heartbreaking!

But less rambling, more bowing.

When I saw Mary Katrantzou's Fall 2012 collection I though how bold for a fall collection! And not just her usual surrealist prints- bold colours, bold patterns and bold structures/shapes as well. And then I realised, this is exactly what the modern fashion world needs, something uplifting and refreshing, as opposed to overdone or boring-with-a-twist. This isn't to say that I had ever looked forward to walking around with a typewriter across my chest, but who would say No to a lovely bow?

Spikes spikes spikes

Spikes have recently made it to the top of the list of things I can no longer resist. Shoes or clothing, I could never say No to something as edgy and intriguing as spikes. I'm afraid this post is proof that I've subconsciously started a small collection, which I don't see coming to an end anytime soon (or at least after I get my hands on a spiked leather jacket). Here are some shots of my most favourite spiked items. The sneakers you might remember from this. How do you feel about spikes?


I'm all about buying something you like the minute you find it and it stares you in the eye, even if you don't really have anything to match it perfectly and you know you won't get a chance to wear it in a long long time. Quite impractical and pointless you would say and who am I to disagree when I know this is exactly what I did with this metallic pair of pants. But then the day comes, a year or so later, that you put on a sweater you just bought and suddenly these metallic pants seem like the only thing missing from the equasion. I swear pulling the tag from something you bought a year ago feels better than wearing the new sweater itself!

Lace skirt

Monki clothing

There's no telling how much I adore lace and how it looks on people. So beautiful and all time classic that it practically transforms every outfit into an effortlessly chic ensemble. Suffice it to say it has always ran through my wardrobe in abundance and I don't suppose it will ever cease to. I got this beautiful lace skirt on Monki, one of my latest online shopping addictions and the source of many of my most recent treasured acquisitions. Quality and style being inversely related to its price range (which is very much on the affordable side) I totally recommend it!

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