Indian sparkle

I'm sure that by now you know I'm really way to much into Indian jewelry, as I think I've included a piece or two from my collection in most of my outfits until now. I've actually been to India three times already and every time I come back with a bag full of little treasures in the form of eye-catching necklaces, noisy bangles and earrings so heavy that my ears hurt- but being a real junkie for these things I don't even mind. There's really not much to say about today's outfit other than the fact that it's an example of how accessories really make all the difference, taking your average LBD to a different level, don't you agree? 

It was all yellow

I can't help but love clothing items which have their own movement. Be it sundresses, long tunics, pallazo pants or anything with a split, like this Yigal Azrouel blouse, which made me look like I  had wings with every blow of the wind and needless to say made the shooting a lot more fun! Its pretty colours made me think of the Banane Taipei bags I bought about 3 months ago and was saving for summer, and the yellow one kind of magically tied in with the rest! Hope you like the ensemble, because I think this is one of my favourite combinations ever!

Saturday at the beach house

This is a small scrapbook from Saturday at the beach house, where I went with my family and Indie. The day was incredibly hot, which translates into a perfect opportunity for almost non-existent tunics  and the debut of these brand new silver Hermes Oran sandals, which I have not been able to wear outside my comfort zone out of fear I might ruin them somehow (which is something that happens to me a lot with new shoes). Hope you like the photos, they're quite chilled and simple but so is life in the country, where time almost stops!

Make a wish!

A quick post, just to show you my outfit for the Make A Wish benefit I went to on Thursday night, held at one of the most idyllic locations in Athens. I loved the outdoor setting on the beach and even though the lights were too dim to take any proper photos at the event, we snapped a few right before we went. I was wearing a dreamy pastel pink Celine dress, Fendi off-white wedges and a new McQueen clutch with the most exquisite skull details, which I hope you'll love as much as I do!

Last night I arrived at the beach house once again, hopefully I'll get some tanning done this time!

Bring your dog to shooting day

On Wednesday I was going to spend my day at Angela's before she left for a faraway place, so we found this to be the perfect opportunity to finally bring our little ones together in the hope that they would become friends. Indie had stubbornly refused to be friends with any other dogs in the past so on my way there, I had the constant fear Indie would bite Peki's ear off as Peki is the calmest dog on earth! Thankfully, I was mistaken and we ended up having an amazing day playing around on the grass with Indie and Peki, most of which is captured below! 

Moschino braided dress

Transition period is over! I'm officially back home trying to get accustomed to the excruciatingly hot weather, which is far from easy for someone who was in coats 3 days ago! Good thing is I can finally go out bare-legged, fill up a glass with more ice than coffee, complain about having too much free time and feel lucky I have less hair than Indie, who almost faints every time I get her out of the house. After endless failed attempts we also managed to figure out how to use the new camera and I have to say I love the result! What do you say?

Bicolor and tortoise

Hello, hello! Sorry about my recent absence from the cyberspace, but my two most challenging exams were scheduled back to back in the beginning of this week and as an authentic leave-it-all-to-the-last-minute person I had to pull all-nighters, skip eating, set alarms at 7am and do more abnormal things with my life, which are now in the past! Here's one last outfit from my week at the beach house that I didn't get the chance to post earlier, with my new bicolor pants and weird/funny/cool tortoise Moschino sunnies (I'm sure opinions will vary on this one) and, as of now, I'm all yours!

Miu Miu and its glitter

Girls like glittery things and I am most definitely no exception. So recently I've been mesmerized by Miu Miu's tendency to add generous amounts of glitter on its accessories and footwear, making it very hard for me not to crave these or these and culminating in the purchase of the beauties I'm wearing in the photos (here in a different shade). Don't you love such items that can give that extra edge to any outfit?

Crazy prints

Let's face it, summer officially begins when you can pull off this dress without feeling like you might as well be part of this. Obviously, I could never wear such a dress in England because global warming seems to have forgotten all about us over there, so when we came to the beach house for a few days I decided it was time to go all printed mayhem on you guys, despite the white legs. Once again, Indie as a guest star, making me chase her up and down, occasionally drinking pool water and clearly stealing the spotlight in the last photo! So, what's your take on prints?

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