The oversized knit

I love it when a piece of clothing is pretty much a whole outfit by itself. Here I am strolling the streets of Mayfair, heading to the Breakfast Club in an enormous sweater I got last fall, which could easily have been couch-wear and I couldn't feel more street-chic! Some credit to this surprisingly well matching Chanel bag (one of those I-can't-believe-its-exactly-the-same-colour moments) and the 20s style earrings I picked off a stall at a vintage market in a dodgy London area. I should probably mention the cut-out wedges somewhere here but my love for anything cut-out deserves a whole post to itself! 

Discovering London

Ok I'm not really discovering London, I've been here for what feels like a thousand dog years (and loving it!), but what I mean to say I guess is that it never ceases to amaze me with its hidden gems. For example that canal in the last photo has been 5 minutes away from my place all this time and I only just found out! Same with this little park right off of Marelybone High which we accidentally stumbled upon last weekend after breakfast. For the weekend walk I put on my Ferragamo Jackie-Os, a pair of D&G booties that have been in my closet for what seems like a decade - but still manage to look like the right choice- and this leopard Jimmy Choo bag which is perfect on black coats. I also wore my favourite statement necklace, a chandelier I got a couple years ago in Dubai. I love how this necklace can be both classy and ethnic at the same time. Any thoughts on statement pieces?

A splash of cobalt blue

First outfit post and I'm actually kinda nervous! To start off, if you think I'm completely nuts for still going out in wool coats instead of shorts as its "practically summer," I'm gonna stop you right there with a dash of annoying british reality- I'm actually really grateful it wasn't raining when we were shooting these with Yannis on the way to brunch the other day. I'm afraid it's a bit early around here to jump right into spring's pastels just yet so I chose to go for this signature Marc Jacobs coat I got last year with casual top and bottoms and Tory Burch lace up booties (everybody loves lace up booties!). I had to dig around my closet to find this particular YSL downtown bag but I think it goes perfectly with the rest of the outfit. Hope you like cobalt blue as much as I do!

First things first

Welcome to Not Your Average Style Fix, a blog about style and fashion inspiration, brought about by the urge of creativity and the need for experimentation characterizing every self-respecting fashionista. This blog will be not only about trend hunting/testing/adopting/rejecting, but about combining the old with the new and the familiar with the unfamiliar in an effort to come about with looks that are -sometimes timeless, sometimes mainstream- but always self-expressive and unique. I can't help but hope that this effort can involve as many like-minded people as possible!

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