Bow to Mary Katrantzou

Do you ever dream about designs you see on the runway? Of course you do, but do you buy them? Do you crave fashion statement pieces or are you afraid of investing in something that can be too easily related to a particular season? To be honest, when it comes to dresses I prefer the ones that if anything shout designer rather than collection. The reason for that is one really: I have a very special relationship with my wardrobe, whereby I mostly shove things in and rarely throw anything out, and obvious last seasons ask to work their way out -and it's heartbreaking!

But less rambling, more bowing.

When I saw Mary Katrantzou's Fall 2012 collection I though how bold for a fall collection! And not just her usual surrealist prints- bold colours, bold patterns and bold structures/shapes as well. And then I realised, this is exactly what the modern fashion world needs, something uplifting and refreshing, as opposed to overdone or boring-with-a-twist. This isn't to say that I had ever looked forward to walking around with a typewriter across my chest, but who would say No to a lovely bow?

Thanks for reading!
Outfit Details:

Gucci leather biker jacket
Hermes Kelly mini pochette
Lara Bohinc python pumps (here in silver)
ring bought in Jamaica

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  1. Gorgeous look ! Love the color combo !

    xoxo from Japan

  2. oh Mary Katrantzou, you look stunning!!!


  3. Love the dress, not your average fall collection dress but something that is indeed uplifting and refreshing.




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