Montreal-Quebec City: Scrapbook

This is a small scrapbook from my one day trip to Quebec City and a few photos from around Montreal. Quebec City is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, kind of like the most picturesque streets of Brussels and the architectural masterpieces of Paris wrapped up in one magnificent city. I only have one more batch left from Canada, which I'll be posting soon! 

Toronto: Monochrome

After visiting Niagara Falls during my stay in Ontario I had the pleasure of spending a day in Toronto. I walked around the city centre, visited the theatre and fashion districts, climbed to the top of the famous CN tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city and now I can say for sure I understand why it's called the New York of Canada. From the little that I saw in a day, the city is made up of skyscrapers, theatres, malls and spacious, lively avenues; all very well cared for, clean and pretty! On another note, I tried my blue velvet slippers for the first time that day and I really enjoyed the look, hope you like it too!

Ontario: The beauty of

A couple days ago I had the pleasure of visiting one of the prettiest places on earth, Niagara-sur-le-lac, a little town on lake Ontario and the falls themselves. Unfortunately, big pictures are difficult to capture with a camera and I don't believe photos would do this place any justice so until I learn how to do the panorama thing I can only hope to pass on my impressions through details that I find beautiful and unusual. When I went to this town I understood why Canada has such a high quality of life: big and beautiful houses with artistic gardens, on the lake, among golf courses and wineries and forests all around as far as your eye can reach. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures among the fallen maple leaves (this is Canada after all!) before heading to the falls. The falls weren't as impressive as Victoria falls in Africa (I went there a couple years ago) but we took the ride on the Maid of the Mist, the little boat which takes you near the bottom of the falls, which was truly a wonderful experience despite the fact we got soaking wet! Hope you like this small photo album!

O Canada!

After I arranged my moving from London I flew straight to Canada for the first time in my life, and I've been here since Monday night! I am based in Montreal but I will be visiting a few places on the east side before I descend to New York next week. On my first day I stayed in downtown Montreal, the busy centre of the city, and took some photos at a small courtyard, the only quite spot in this side of the town. After lunch, my friend Sonia, who lives here, showed me around the campus of McGill university, where there is a very unsusual statue of a McGill student entirely distracted by the news of the death of Steve Jobs on his laptop (scroll down for the photos)! The weather was really good so I wore a new short sleeve top I got from Minusey with loads of jewels from the same place, Sportmax peplum leather jacket and Stella McCartney over the knee boots. I will soon show you the photos I took yesterday from Niagara Falls! 

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