Burgundy, my favourite fall/winter colour: not as serious as black, less boring than blue and more cheerful than grey with that extra edge of red. When I saw this burgundy coat in Zara the other day I couldn't help but feel it would be a perfect addition to my winter wardrobe and a great companion to my red Chanel vernis- don't you think they look quite nice together? I wore them yesterday during daytime with a pair of subtle snake print jeans and black suede booties. Hope you like the combo as much as I do!

Last of the pastels

The warm-ish temperatures in London these past few days allowed me to revisit some of my pastel favourites of the spring/summer season, before I start digging up my furry friends. This is the last of the pastels, an official farewell to good temperatures and pretty colours marked with espadrilles and lavender Denimocracy leggings!  

Spiked sneakers

Moving countries is a very time consuming process, packing being the most dull and depressing task of it. I've been in London for the past few days getting my apartment all wrapped up and ready to be shipped back home, where I'll be staying for a little while. Yesterday we took a break and headed to the V&A ballgown exhibition of prominent english designers (and more), wich I very strongly recommend if you find yourselves in London. We had afternoon tea and scones and the museum cafe and shopped a bit at Harrods before coming back to a messy apartment. I wore my new Gienchi spiked sneakers, and Ted Baker mirror sunglasses with an otherwise casual outfit. In one of the photos you can also spot the tattoo I got about a week ago, vertically under my wrist! What do you think?

Milos island: Exploring

I've been away for quite some time, exploring the Greek island of Milos, one of the prettiest  islands I've been to so far and one which I'm definitely planning on visiting again! I got to see some of the most unbelievable beaches in Greece, eat "volcanic" food cooked on the sand, sail around the island to access its most isolated corners and enjoy beautiful sunsets from the top of Milos. This was one of the best holidays I've ever had in Greece and I hope this small photo collage can bring some of my impressions and memories across to you! 

Animal Print

Leopard has always been one of my favourite prints, an all time classic which never fails. As chic as black, but much more intriguing, animal print runs smoothly through generations and is never likely to go out of style. Combine animal print with the straight line effect, orange neon details inside and a casual front pocket and you have the perfect dress!

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