Even though gladiator looks usually pertain to knee-high strappy sandals (a pair of which I own and cherish!) or just straps in general, I couldn't help but share this "gladiator" look from my last few days in the countryside before our outing to a nearing island with my friend Angela. I bought these gladiator skirt-looking shorts from Topshop Boutique a long time ago and had never really come around wearing them before because of the Russel Crowey feel and how difficult I thought it was to match them.  Surprisingly, when I finally took them out of the closet about a year or so later, getting dressed took less than a minute as everything kind of fell into place! Better late than never! 

Thanks for reading!

Outfit Details:
Topshop Boutique gladiator shorts
Zara top
vintage necklace
Ray-ban wayfarers 

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  1. Lovely outfit! Looks good on you :)

  2. so nice! the necklace is even better!!

  3. I thought this would be about sandals, but what a surprise!

  4. love the semi transparency of the top, and the skirt is really cute too!


  5. wow amazing outfit!
    i love this gladiator shorts!

  6. aaa.You are coming to NYC, enjoy:)...I think the weather will be nice, cus it won't be boiling. I think by the time you get here, I will be in your country:)...and arhh....I love your outfit!! the skirt is amazing..and I just love how you put everything together.. You are stunning as always:)

    have a great week dear:)



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