Hydra island: Tropical

From the beloved Proenza Schouler tropical PS1 bag, which made my heart race when I saw it up close in Harvey Nichols one day, to MSGM and of course Givenchy SS12 which flooded the runways with exotic plant and flower prints, tropical has been the number one trend in the fashion world this spring and summer. I had heard the Sandro tropical line was one of a kind and I finally got to make my own evaluation of it last month in London, where I ended up buying this tropical beauty. I wore it one evening in the island of Hydra with a pair of Feng Shoe embellished flats and my green Balenciaga city bag. Hope you like the combo as well as the view of the island!


Even though gladiator looks usually pertain to knee-high strappy sandals (a pair of which I own and cherish!) or just straps in general, I couldn't help but share this "gladiator" look from my last few days in the countryside before our outing to a nearing island with my friend Angela. I bought these gladiator skirt-looking shorts from Topshop Boutique a long time ago and had never really come around wearing them before because of the Russel Crowey feel and how difficult I thought it was to match them.  Surprisingly, when I finally took them out of the closet about a year or so later, getting dressed took less than a minute as everything kind of fell into place! Better late than never! 

Sundress freedom

As a person who genuinely believes that what you wear is what you feel, I am very prone to attaching the everlasting feeling of freedom and carelessness of summer vacations to the substitution of underwear with swimsuits and the sundress effect. If being next to the sea and dancing among the palm trees doesn't make you feel this way, a sundress will!  

Cesme: Neon

What is neon, where does it come from and why is it so infatuating that once you've added it to your wardrobe everything else looks dull and uninteresting? My obsession with neon started no earlier than a year and a half ago, with Christopher Kane's almost entirely neon SS11 line, one of the most unforgettable lines thus far, especially due to the combination of the most unnatural palette of colours with the classiest of materials; lace. It was further enhanced by Jason Wu's SS12 floor length fluorescent gowns and then acid colours made their appearance pretty much everywhere from the catwalk to medium range brands like MSGM and Tibi and of course the high street from H&M to American Apparel and CSC. Needless to say it was already difficult for me to resist anything colourful, so bumping on all shades of fluorescent shorts during my latest shopping spree in London was exactly the neon fix I was craving for. I tried one of them for the first time in Cesme, a beautiful coastal town in Turkey, which I visited during my time in Inousses. What's your take on neon?

Inousses island: Sundown

Inousses is a lovely little island in northern Greece which I had never visited before and probably wouldn't have now either if it weren't for my friend Tania who was kind enough to have me over for a few days. Halfway between Chios and Turkey this tiny island is surrounded by generous amounts of natural beauty and having been told sundown on the island is not to be missed, the setting was pretty much predetermined. So, a couple days ago, before heading to a local party, we set out to capture the moment. Neutral shades and floaty dresses are always helpful that way so I went back to an old but beloved Topshop acquisition, which looked perfect paired with my Fendi camouflage platforms (remember the cream version?), Prada crossbody bag and peacock earrings bought in India. What are your summer go-to outfits like?

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