Polka dot dress

My friend was throwing a party on Friday at an amazing seaside location about an hour outside of Athens and  I am very excited to show you my outfit for the night, shot on the street before I left for the party. I wore an Alice by Temperley polka dot dress -a long-term wardrobe favourite, with the most intriguing cut- with Gianvito Rossi shoes. I wouldn't normally bring together a party dress and a birkin bag but polka dots being the pattern-wise epitome of chic, I could only imagine it with a bag of the same qualification and I think they matched quite nicely after all. Hope you agree with the choice!

Thanks for reading!

Outfit Details:
Alice by Temperley polka dot dress
Gianvito Rossi shoes
Hermes birkin bag
vintage necklace
Cheap Monday ring
Ray-ban folding wayferers

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  1. What a gorgeous dress, and of course, I love the bag! I am 100% Greek (2nd generation Greek American). It's so nice to see another (and so beautiful!) Greek woman on here!

    1. Thanks so much Niki! It's lovely to hear from you! And thank you for your kind words :)

  2. That is a beautiful bag. I adore your bag :) it is a lovely outfit

  3. Is it a 40cm? I have a 35cm because I think it's less heavy:P and I think it's a more of a everyday bag, what do you think? But I kind of regret I got the black color one because now I really want a shocking pink or orange color Birkin !!!! The color of the Birkin you owned go really well with your outfit and your style:)...jealous:) But, I do owned a purple kelly bag which I love the color. Please show me your collection of handbags, I would love to see it:P


    1. Hey Tammy, its actually a 35cm! I do agree it's an everyday bag, so easy especially that colour! If I were you I'd go for orange now! I actually have a board on pinterest where I pin each bag I upload here, for organization purposes haha the link is this: http://pinterest.com/athinavalyraki/my-bag-collection but it's only the ones that have been up here since I opened it. I'll do a post sometime soon with the whole collection I think ;)

    2. ok..I am going to check it out now:P..and I would love to see the whole collection:). I bet it will take 10 pages..hah!:)))

  4. The colours are all lovely together - very pretty wearable dress for summer.

  5. Lovely dress, I adore polka dots combined with neutral colors!

  6. I love the dress that you are wearing in this post!

  7. Love your Birkin! Fantastic color!


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