Saturday at the beach house

This is a small scrapbook from Saturday at the beach house, where I went with my family and Indie. The day was incredibly hot, which translates into a perfect opportunity for almost non-existent tunics  and the debut of these brand new silver Hermes Oran sandals, which I have not been able to wear outside my comfort zone out of fear I might ruin them somehow (which is something that happens to me a lot with new shoes). Hope you like the photos, they're quite chilled and simple but so is life in the country, where time almost stops!

Thanks for reading!

Outfit Details:
Emilio Pucci beach tunic
Vix Swimwear
Hermes Oran silver sandals 
Missoni sunglasses
rings bought in India

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  1. lovely pictures, the tunis it's lovely and the sandals are precious!!

  2. Great pictures! You look breathtaking! Love everything your wearing and that nail polish is such a nice colour!

  3. Great pictures! That outfit looks amazing on you!

  4. The tunic is AMAZING, i have pucci flats with the same pattern! :) and the nail polish is soo pretty x

  5. Great outfit - love your nail polish colour! Plus your dog is beyond adorable x

  6. The tunic is so pretty <3you look amazing on the pool ;D and your dog is adorable.

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  8. I WANT your sandals!!!Like seriously:))

  9. Love the color of the blouse! I currently have the same mint color on my nails too! :)


  10. Amazing blog,love it!
    follow you!:)


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