Pinterest: My newest addiction, keeping me busy between study sessions and not likely to fade away anytime soon. I actually find the rationale behind this type of social media ingenious and the possibilities numerous. It's not just that it gives you a way to make a pinboard of every single thing you like, so much as it helps you "organize" your life and interests. Needless to say, this is the feature that appealed to me, as an organization freak who has her outerwear categorized by colour and season and scarves by shade and thickness. Of course many of my pinboards are devoted to this blog, keeping track of every detail of my fashionable side but I've recently started to expand, with pinboards of everything yummie and creative, travel memoirs and shopping wishlists. Small taste underneath:   

Looks board: 

Food board:

Travel board:

Architecture/decoration broad:

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  1. I've been avoiding pinterest until now, because I'm too afraid that if I join, I won't see the sunlight again :)) I already spend too much time in front of my computer!

    1. You should really give it a try though, I'm always at awe with most of the pictures on there!

  2. Thanks for your message on IFB. We are following you at Bloglovin' now.
    Hope to keep in touch!


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