Greeting summer in pastels

Warm weather has finally made its first appearance in England, about two months too late and is changing everything around here, especially our mood and of course the way we dress! Finally a time for pastels, fluos, prints and florals (well... just pastels for now but the rest will be coming soon!) Yesterday was a lovely day for a walk so I went with my friend Angela to the Hermes: leather forever exhibition for the house's 175th anniversary at the Royal Academy of Arts and it was every bit as magnificent as I expected. Sadly, photos were strictly prohibited but there were craftsmen stitching birkin bags by hand in front of me, crocodile leathers hanging from the ceiling, floors covered in sand, a gigantic bag made of many regular sized bags and even a theatre play staring.. what else: bags. Need I go on? We continued with a walk down Bond street, lunch at Carnaby street which was all dressed up in preparation for the Diamond Jubilee and some fooling around with Moschino's closed store! Enjoy the photos!


Pinterest: My newest addiction, keeping me busy between study sessions and not likely to fade away anytime soon. I actually find the rationale behind this type of social media ingenious and the possibilities numerous. It's not just that it gives you a way to make a pinboard of every single thing you like, so much as it helps you "organize" your life and interests. Needless to say, this is the feature that appealed to me, as an organization freak who has her outerwear categorized by colour and season and scarves by shade and thickness. Of course many of my pinboards are devoted to this blog, keeping track of every detail of my fashionable side but I've recently started to expand, with pinboards of everything yummie and creative, travel memoirs and shopping wishlists. Small taste underneath:   

NYASF Backstage

There are no words for how much I love a work in progress, especially so when its creative and well.. pretty much amazing! I'm afraid the details are getting lost in the official version and that's a shame for such a work of art, so here are some step-by-step backstage photos of the NYASF shoot! Hope you like them!

Breakfast Snapshot

Winter-like weather and an impeding exam on Monday are not exactly the best recipe for enjoyable weekends! So.. seeing as I'm staying in, I might as well indulge in some morning addictions! That of course includes spending an hour on various social media, playing around with the ipad Yannis got me for my birthday, flicking through the occasional weekend inspo source (at the moment Fashion Box-thanks Irene!) and starting yet another day of what I like to call balanced diet. What are you guys up to?

Green jeans and mouse flats

How can you stumble upon a chair-turned-carpet in the middle of the street and not feel the immediate urge to A) go sit in it and jump happily up and down, B) steal it for your apartment so you never have to sit in anything less comfortable ever again. Sadly, I was only allowed to attempt the first, but it was a life-changing experience. These photos were taken a while ago, by my bestie and ex-roomie Nefeli before she moved to Abu Dhabi. We had the whole day to ourselves to divide between shopping, coffee, lunch and drinks in our local pub. The last photo is a group shot with my friends Angela and Izabella on my right and Nefeli on my left. 
During the day I was wearing green Sass&Bide jeans, Maje leather jacket, Marc Jacobs swarovski mouse flats and my Chanel 2.55 caviar bag. 

A birthday post

Saturday was my 22nd birthday. The weather was quite nice and it was a great day to enjoy the city so I spent it going from place to place all day. The day involved sunny parks, a walk near London bridge, the most indulging afternoon tea in the city, wine tasting, a friend's dinner party, gathering at my friend Tania's where I was greeted with a gigantic 22 made of cupcakes and a party at Paramount, on the 31st floor of Centre-Point (Londoners know what this means in terms of view!) Here you will find a few snapshots from my birthday! During the day my outfit was pretty casual with destroyed jeans, Maje leather jacket and Pour la Victoire pumps. A big thanks to all my friends and Yannis for making the day so special! 

The return of the je-dye


Up until a few months ago the only way I knew tie-dye was as an afternoon activity in summer camps. I remember this one summer I spent in California a few years back and we decided to tie-dye our t-shirts, where I took a pretty decent T and used this very sophisticated technique of dipping my hands in dye and going all abstract on it, before I threw it into the washing machine and waited expecting to be greeted by a masterpiece. Needless to say the result was hideous. Thankfully, the point of this post is not how terrible I am as an artist, but that the tie-dye is now an actual trend, its all over the blogs/shops/editorials, its sported by Isabel MarantJ Brand and others and it looks nothing like my t-shirt! Here I'm wearing mine with a Helmut Lang denim jacket and a pair of Louboutins with the cutest zipper. Hope you like the overall look!


I don't make it out of the house much these days, seeing as I am in the middle of an exam period and people oddly expect me to do well, but when I do I like to head to my favourite breakfast destinations, stroll the city, do some shopping and pretend the weather is nice. That last one is actually a very challenging task. Coloured jeans are helpful that way so they retain a special place in my heart this season, especially these magenta coloured Rag&Bone ones (which also happen to be on sale at the moment, not half bad!). I paired them with an American Apparel fisherman pullover, Givenchy open-toe booties, black patent Chanel bag and my favourite earrings from India. What do you think? Happy almost-Friday!  

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