First things first

Welcome to Not Your Average Style Fix, a blog about style and fashion inspiration, brought about by the urge of creativity and the need for experimentation characterizing every self-respecting fashionista. This blog will be not only about trend hunting/testing/adopting/rejecting, but about combining the old with the new and the familiar with the unfamiliar in an effort to come about with looks that are -sometimes timeless, sometimes mainstream- but always self-expressive and unique. I can't help but hope that this effort can involve as many like-minded people as possible!

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Photos by Yannis Lefakis
Body Painting by Katerina Kyriacou & Team


  1. Welcome! and as a fellow newbie (sort of), I'd like to inform you that I have followed you on Bloglovin' :D I look forward to reading more!

    Nay x


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