The mountains: Neon in the snow

If there's one thing I hate when it comes to winter is the obsession with dark and dull colours. It is much more challenging to make your outfit fun and warm to the eye, but then who doesn't love a challenge? For my Christmas trip to the mountains this year I decided to leave everything black behind and find out how bits of bright neon would look against the snow. What do you think? Have an amazing holiday and enter my Christmas giveaway here!

Mirror Mirror...

Mirror mirror... Should I go crazy on velvet again this Christmas? 

Apart from my apparent confusion of the mirror with a magic 8-ball there's not much else to question here. For some reason velvet feels as festive as christmas trees and with the velvet jacket being the number 1 must-have piece in your wardrobe this season, this is a no-brainer! Go get yourselves all wrapped up in soft and fuzzy velvet and don't forget to enter my New Year's giveaway here

Miinto Voucher Giveaway!

Are you a fellow blogger? If yes, I've got something very exciting to share with you this week! I've teamed up with online fashion destination Miinto to offer you the chance to win a voucher to spend on the site! The voucher is worth £50, you can choose from thousands of products, the voucher has no expiration date and shipping is free! The only thing you need to do is:

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The competition will run for 2 weeks and the winner will be announced here on the 1s of of January, my New Year's gift to you! I will also contact the winner with the voucher code by email, so make sure you include your email address! 

Time for window shopping!

Bow to Mary Katrantzou

Do you ever dream about designs you see on the runway? Of course you do, but do you buy them? Do you crave fashion statement pieces or are you afraid of investing in something that can be too easily related to a particular season? To be honest, when it comes to dresses I prefer the ones that if anything shout designer rather than collection. The reason for that is one really: I have a very special relationship with my wardrobe, whereby I mostly shove things in and rarely throw anything out, and obvious last seasons ask to work their way out -and it's heartbreaking!

But less rambling, more bowing.

When I saw Mary Katrantzou's Fall 2012 collection I though how bold for a fall collection! And not just her usual surrealist prints- bold colours, bold patterns and bold structures/shapes as well. And then I realised, this is exactly what the modern fashion world needs, something uplifting and refreshing, as opposed to overdone or boring-with-a-twist. This isn't to say that I had ever looked forward to walking around with a typewriter across my chest, but who would say No to a lovely bow?

Spikes spikes spikes

Spikes have recently made it to the top of the list of things I can no longer resist. Shoes or clothing, I could never say No to something as edgy and intriguing as spikes. I'm afraid this post is proof that I've subconsciously started a small collection, which I don't see coming to an end anytime soon (or at least after I get my hands on a spiked leather jacket). Here are some shots of my most favourite spiked items. The sneakers you might remember from this. How do you feel about spikes?


I'm all about buying something you like the minute you find it and it stares you in the eye, even if you don't really have anything to match it perfectly and you know you won't get a chance to wear it in a long long time. Quite impractical and pointless you would say and who am I to disagree when I know this is exactly what I did with this metallic pair of pants. But then the day comes, a year or so later, that you put on a sweater you just bought and suddenly these metallic pants seem like the only thing missing from the equasion. I swear pulling the tag from something you bought a year ago feels better than wearing the new sweater itself!

Lace skirt

Monki clothing

There's no telling how much I adore lace and how it looks on people. So beautiful and all time classic that it practically transforms every outfit into an effortlessly chic ensemble. Suffice it to say it has always ran through my wardrobe in abundance and I don't suppose it will ever cease to. I got this beautiful lace skirt on Monki, one of my latest online shopping addictions and the source of many of my most recent treasured acquisitions. Quality and style being inversely related to its price range (which is very much on the affordable side) I totally recommend it!

Furry friend

black fur coat

Fur coats are my usual go-to items for the winter, much warmer than regular coats, much prettier than down coats and very versatile. Except for the bag (an old acquisition which was only recently dug up) the rest of the outfit I bought in New York last month, among many more things which I am very excited to start showing you, so tune in! Lastly, what do you think of my most recent tattoo? It's inside my left elbow and the writing is in Hindi. I think right about now I'm getting seriously addicted to the ink!

Montreal: Earthy

earthy look

Earthy combinations always make some of my favourite autumn looks. They are a good alternatives to the usual grey/black season combo, easy to put together and they do kinda brighten your day!

Montreal-Quebec City: Scrapbook

This is a small scrapbook from my one day trip to Quebec City and a few photos from around Montreal. Quebec City is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, kind of like the most picturesque streets of Brussels and the architectural masterpieces of Paris wrapped up in one magnificent city. I only have one more batch left from Canada, which I'll be posting soon! 

Toronto: Monochrome

After visiting Niagara Falls during my stay in Ontario I had the pleasure of spending a day in Toronto. I walked around the city centre, visited the theatre and fashion districts, climbed to the top of the famous CN tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city and now I can say for sure I understand why it's called the New York of Canada. From the little that I saw in a day, the city is made up of skyscrapers, theatres, malls and spacious, lively avenues; all very well cared for, clean and pretty! On another note, I tried my blue velvet slippers for the first time that day and I really enjoyed the look, hope you like it too!

Ontario: The beauty of

A couple days ago I had the pleasure of visiting one of the prettiest places on earth, Niagara-sur-le-lac, a little town on lake Ontario and the falls themselves. Unfortunately, big pictures are difficult to capture with a camera and I don't believe photos would do this place any justice so until I learn how to do the panorama thing I can only hope to pass on my impressions through details that I find beautiful and unusual. When I went to this town I understood why Canada has such a high quality of life: big and beautiful houses with artistic gardens, on the lake, among golf courses and wineries and forests all around as far as your eye can reach. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures among the fallen maple leaves (this is Canada after all!) before heading to the falls. The falls weren't as impressive as Victoria falls in Africa (I went there a couple years ago) but we took the ride on the Maid of the Mist, the little boat which takes you near the bottom of the falls, which was truly a wonderful experience despite the fact we got soaking wet! Hope you like this small photo album!

O Canada!

After I arranged my moving from London I flew straight to Canada for the first time in my life, and I've been here since Monday night! I am based in Montreal but I will be visiting a few places on the east side before I descend to New York next week. On my first day I stayed in downtown Montreal, the busy centre of the city, and took some photos at a small courtyard, the only quite spot in this side of the town. After lunch, my friend Sonia, who lives here, showed me around the campus of McGill university, where there is a very unsusual statue of a McGill student entirely distracted by the news of the death of Steve Jobs on his laptop (scroll down for the photos)! The weather was really good so I wore a new short sleeve top I got from Minusey with loads of jewels from the same place, Sportmax peplum leather jacket and Stella McCartney over the knee boots. I will soon show you the photos I took yesterday from Niagara Falls! 


Burgundy, my favourite fall/winter colour: not as serious as black, less boring than blue and more cheerful than grey with that extra edge of red. When I saw this burgundy coat in Zara the other day I couldn't help but feel it would be a perfect addition to my winter wardrobe and a great companion to my red Chanel vernis- don't you think they look quite nice together? I wore them yesterday during daytime with a pair of subtle snake print jeans and black suede booties. Hope you like the combo as much as I do!

Last of the pastels

The warm-ish temperatures in London these past few days allowed me to revisit some of my pastel favourites of the spring/summer season, before I start digging up my furry friends. This is the last of the pastels, an official farewell to good temperatures and pretty colours marked with espadrilles and lavender Denimocracy leggings!  

Spiked sneakers

Moving countries is a very time consuming process, packing being the most dull and depressing task of it. I've been in London for the past few days getting my apartment all wrapped up and ready to be shipped back home, where I'll be staying for a little while. Yesterday we took a break and headed to the V&A ballgown exhibition of prominent english designers (and more), wich I very strongly recommend if you find yourselves in London. We had afternoon tea and scones and the museum cafe and shopped a bit at Harrods before coming back to a messy apartment. I wore my new Gienchi spiked sneakers, and Ted Baker mirror sunglasses with an otherwise casual outfit. In one of the photos you can also spot the tattoo I got about a week ago, vertically under my wrist! What do you think?

Milos island: Exploring

I've been away for quite some time, exploring the Greek island of Milos, one of the prettiest  islands I've been to so far and one which I'm definitely planning on visiting again! I got to see some of the most unbelievable beaches in Greece, eat "volcanic" food cooked on the sand, sail around the island to access its most isolated corners and enjoy beautiful sunsets from the top of Milos. This was one of the best holidays I've ever had in Greece and I hope this small photo collage can bring some of my impressions and memories across to you! 

Animal Print

Leopard has always been one of my favourite prints, an all time classic which never fails. As chic as black, but much more intriguing, animal print runs smoothly through generations and is never likely to go out of style. Combine animal print with the straight line effect, orange neon details inside and a casual front pocket and you have the perfect dress!

Hydra island: Tropical

From the beloved Proenza Schouler tropical PS1 bag, which made my heart race when I saw it up close in Harvey Nichols one day, to MSGM and of course Givenchy SS12 which flooded the runways with exotic plant and flower prints, tropical has been the number one trend in the fashion world this spring and summer. I had heard the Sandro tropical line was one of a kind and I finally got to make my own evaluation of it last month in London, where I ended up buying this tropical beauty. I wore it one evening in the island of Hydra with a pair of Feng Shoe embellished flats and my green Balenciaga city bag. Hope you like the combo as well as the view of the island!


Even though gladiator looks usually pertain to knee-high strappy sandals (a pair of which I own and cherish!) or just straps in general, I couldn't help but share this "gladiator" look from my last few days in the countryside before our outing to a nearing island with my friend Angela. I bought these gladiator skirt-looking shorts from Topshop Boutique a long time ago and had never really come around wearing them before because of the Russel Crowey feel and how difficult I thought it was to match them.  Surprisingly, when I finally took them out of the closet about a year or so later, getting dressed took less than a minute as everything kind of fell into place! Better late than never! 

Sundress freedom

As a person who genuinely believes that what you wear is what you feel, I am very prone to attaching the everlasting feeling of freedom and carelessness of summer vacations to the substitution of underwear with swimsuits and the sundress effect. If being next to the sea and dancing among the palm trees doesn't make you feel this way, a sundress will!  

Cesme: Neon

What is neon, where does it come from and why is it so infatuating that once you've added it to your wardrobe everything else looks dull and uninteresting? My obsession with neon started no earlier than a year and a half ago, with Christopher Kane's almost entirely neon SS11 line, one of the most unforgettable lines thus far, especially due to the combination of the most unnatural palette of colours with the classiest of materials; lace. It was further enhanced by Jason Wu's SS12 floor length fluorescent gowns and then acid colours made their appearance pretty much everywhere from the catwalk to medium range brands like MSGM and Tibi and of course the high street from H&M to American Apparel and CSC. Needless to say it was already difficult for me to resist anything colourful, so bumping on all shades of fluorescent shorts during my latest shopping spree in London was exactly the neon fix I was craving for. I tried one of them for the first time in Cesme, a beautiful coastal town in Turkey, which I visited during my time in Inousses. What's your take on neon?

Inousses island: Sundown

Inousses is a lovely little island in northern Greece which I had never visited before and probably wouldn't have now either if it weren't for my friend Tania who was kind enough to have me over for a few days. Halfway between Chios and Turkey this tiny island is surrounded by generous amounts of natural beauty and having been told sundown on the island is not to be missed, the setting was pretty much predetermined. So, a couple days ago, before heading to a local party, we set out to capture the moment. Neutral shades and floaty dresses are always helpful that way so I went back to an old but beloved Topshop acquisition, which looked perfect paired with my Fendi camouflage platforms (remember the cream version?), Prada crossbody bag and peacock earrings bought in India. What are your summer go-to outfits like?

Mykonos island: Lace

A few shots from my first day in Mykonos taken around my friend's house before we headed to an incredible beach concert of one of the most famous Greek singers, Sakis Rouvas. Given that the concert was held on the beach we all went in swimsuits and took a nighttime dip after! I wore a beautiful Zara crochet knit dress I bought in Tenerife and found was quite perfect for the occasion with Indian jewellery and a huge straw bag to bring all the beach necessities with me. I'm looking forward to an Avicii concert tonight, I'll try to get some good shots! 

Beautiful days in London

Packing for London in the summer is one of the most difficult tasks, mostly because chances are that you will need flip flops as much as wellies, an umbrella as much as sunglasses and tank tops as much as coats. Disturbing as it may be, it's also fun to see everyone (me included) flock to the many parks around London on the rare occasion that beautiful days do come. More on the outfit zone, I lately feel very strongly about print mixing and I'm trying out a subtle version of it here-scroll down and tell me what you think!

Recent Instagram memoirs

I love instagram as it makes it so much easier to document parts of your life which would otherwise remain undocumented and probably forgotten. I've put together a small collage of instagram photos from London and Tenerife taken in the past couple of weeks. Find me on instagram under @athinavalyraki. 

Falling in love: with neon Casadei shoes at Harrods and my new lomography camera

Saturday in Notting Hill: Taking photos of street artists and drinking fresh coconut water

Pet Kingdom: Shopping for Indie!

The real foodie: Afternoon tea at Sketch and exotic fruit platter at Yauatcha

 Beach: Essentials and view of the waves splashing from where I was sitting at Playa de las Americas

 Fruit: Local selling us fresh pineapple at the beach and fruit fondu!

Tenerife by night: Loads of sangria and view of city lights

Thanks for reading!

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Tenerife: Last day

These are the last outfit photos I took in Tenerife, wearing Tibi (undoubtedly one of my favourite brands) and Zara flats to make my life easier on the island. We spent the last night at a beautiful tapas place with flamengo show and more sangria than you would think possible! Bad news is I'm now back in London, although it seems I've brought summer with me!

Tenerife: Floral

Hello! Still in Tenerife, still enjoying the good weather and still unconsciously picking only floral clothes out of my suitcase as if I  aim to dress to match the background. If this and this made you notice a pattern in the way I've been dressing, I won't deny it, I love everything floral and intent to wear tons of it this summer. 

These few days have been a much needed break both from english rain and from the ridiculous heat of Athens. One last thing on my to-do list: go on the famous volcano!

Tenerife: Hola!

Hola! This is a small patchwork of my first couple of days in Tenerife, marked by brilliant weather, countless hours spend on the beach and excessive sangria consumption. The first batch is from playa de las Americas and the second from last night at the resort before leaving for dinner in the town. I'll be here until Friday morning so if you've been here before and have any suggestions on where to go/eat please drop me a message! 

Graduation Day

Thursday was my graduation day from the LSE and my parents and brother were there to see me dress up in a heavy gown which I have to admit didn't look as ridiculous as I thought and walk on the stage to salute the director for 10 very emotional seconds. The outfit was intentionally rather conservative, so this is not the main reason I am posting these photos, but as this was so far one of the most important days of my life I wouldn't imagine not sharing it with others (and also cause the hat looks really good on me). Hope you like this small sidestep from fashion!

Tiffany blue

London weather is absolutely crazy going from sunshine to rainfall every few minutes, making it impossible for me to take any decent outfit photos and rendering water resistant shoes a necessary part of it! Today is a day I've looked forward to for years, my graduation day, and tomorrow is an even better one as real vacations begin!

Saturday in Notting Hill

I've been in London since Friday, visiting my boyfriend and living the life of a tourist- at last in bearable temperatures! Being a student in London never let me enjoy to the fullest the beauty of the city, as I never had the time for walks which took all day (or night) and is something I regret. Only when I come back in the summer do I get to see and do things which are for me out of the ordinary. I spent yesterday in Notting Hill, at portobello market, dressed like a frenchie, indulging in vintage shopping, red velvet cupcakes and coconut water on the street-an unusual beverage for London but what do you expect in such a multicultural city! I'm also introducing my brother George, scroll down to get a sweet picture of the two siblings! 

4th of July in double denim

One super quick last outfit post from Athens, as I should currently be heading to the airport! These photos were taken on the 4th of July and I wore a US flag top I bought just for the fun of it with destroyed jeans and denim Miu Miu wedges. Double denim had been on my to-do list for a while, how does it look?

Missoni crochet knit pants

Yellow, crochet knit, high-waisted and wide-legged are four characteristics I would never expect myself to use all at the same time to refer to a piece of clothing I'm wearing-not your average pair of pants you could say. Kind of like the star of my favourite TV series at the moment, I went all "challenge accepted" at the sight of this new piece of Missoni ingenuity. Having tried all sorts of monochrome tanks, I realized that really what it needed was a bit of old school floral to top it off- and here I am in a modern 70s version meditating before lunch on a Tuesday afternoon. What do you think?

Polka dot dress

My friend was throwing a party on Friday at an amazing seaside location about an hour outside of Athens and  I am very excited to show you my outfit for the night, shot on the street before I left for the party. I wore an Alice by Temperley polka dot dress -a long-term wardrobe favourite, with the most intriguing cut- with Gianvito Rossi shoes. I wouldn't normally bring together a party dress and a birkin bag but polka dots being the pattern-wise epitome of chic, I could only imagine it with a bag of the same qualification and I think they matched quite nicely after all. Hope you agree with the choice!

Indian sparkle

I'm sure that by now you know I'm really way to much into Indian jewelry, as I think I've included a piece or two from my collection in most of my outfits until now. I've actually been to India three times already and every time I come back with a bag full of little treasures in the form of eye-catching necklaces, noisy bangles and earrings so heavy that my ears hurt- but being a real junkie for these things I don't even mind. There's really not much to say about today's outfit other than the fact that it's an example of how accessories really make all the difference, taking your average LBD to a different level, don't you agree? 

It was all yellow

I can't help but love clothing items which have their own movement. Be it sundresses, long tunics, pallazo pants or anything with a split, like this Yigal Azrouel blouse, which made me look like I  had wings with every blow of the wind and needless to say made the shooting a lot more fun! Its pretty colours made me think of the Banane Taipei bags I bought about 3 months ago and was saving for summer, and the yellow one kind of magically tied in with the rest! Hope you like the ensemble, because I think this is one of my favourite combinations ever!

Saturday at the beach house

This is a small scrapbook from Saturday at the beach house, where I went with my family and Indie. The day was incredibly hot, which translates into a perfect opportunity for almost non-existent tunics  and the debut of these brand new silver Hermes Oran sandals, which I have not been able to wear outside my comfort zone out of fear I might ruin them somehow (which is something that happens to me a lot with new shoes). Hope you like the photos, they're quite chilled and simple but so is life in the country, where time almost stops!

Make a wish!

A quick post, just to show you my outfit for the Make A Wish benefit I went to on Thursday night, held at one of the most idyllic locations in Athens. I loved the outdoor setting on the beach and even though the lights were too dim to take any proper photos at the event, we snapped a few right before we went. I was wearing a dreamy pastel pink Celine dress, Fendi off-white wedges and a new McQueen clutch with the most exquisite skull details, which I hope you'll love as much as I do!

Last night I arrived at the beach house once again, hopefully I'll get some tanning done this time!

Bring your dog to shooting day

On Wednesday I was going to spend my day at Angela's before she left for a faraway place, so we found this to be the perfect opportunity to finally bring our little ones together in the hope that they would become friends. Indie had stubbornly refused to be friends with any other dogs in the past so on my way there, I had the constant fear Indie would bite Peki's ear off as Peki is the calmest dog on earth! Thankfully, I was mistaken and we ended up having an amazing day playing around on the grass with Indie and Peki, most of which is captured below! 

Moschino braided dress

Transition period is over! I'm officially back home trying to get accustomed to the excruciatingly hot weather, which is far from easy for someone who was in coats 3 days ago! Good thing is I can finally go out bare-legged, fill up a glass with more ice than coffee, complain about having too much free time and feel lucky I have less hair than Indie, who almost faints every time I get her out of the house. After endless failed attempts we also managed to figure out how to use the new camera and I have to say I love the result! What do you say?

Bicolor and tortoise

Hello, hello! Sorry about my recent absence from the cyberspace, but my two most challenging exams were scheduled back to back in the beginning of this week and as an authentic leave-it-all-to-the-last-minute person I had to pull all-nighters, skip eating, set alarms at 7am and do more abnormal things with my life, which are now in the past! Here's one last outfit from my week at the beach house that I didn't get the chance to post earlier, with my new bicolor pants and weird/funny/cool tortoise Moschino sunnies (I'm sure opinions will vary on this one) and, as of now, I'm all yours!

Miu Miu and its glitter

Girls like glittery things and I am most definitely no exception. So recently I've been mesmerized by Miu Miu's tendency to add generous amounts of glitter on its accessories and footwear, making it very hard for me not to crave these or these and culminating in the purchase of the beauties I'm wearing in the photos (here in a different shade). Don't you love such items that can give that extra edge to any outfit?

Crazy prints

Let's face it, summer officially begins when you can pull off this dress without feeling like you might as well be part of this. Obviously, I could never wear such a dress in England because global warming seems to have forgotten all about us over there, so when we came to the beach house for a few days I decided it was time to go all printed mayhem on you guys, despite the white legs. Once again, Indie as a guest star, making me chase her up and down, occasionally drinking pool water and clearly stealing the spotlight in the last photo! So, what's your take on prints?

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